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Hishop shop!

Recently I was looking for some makeup supplies...I've been 'online window shopping' or shall we say browsing through
which by the way pronounce as 'hai-shop' or 'hi-shop' correcting myself because I've always pronounce it as heeshop...hihihi

These online store to me, is very interesting because it's like u went into the real merchant.. what's even more attracted me is that some brands are only available there, where i can't even find it in local drugstores or boutique .

So i was so excited to try purchasing and experience what it is all about...From hair to toe beauty products are available, u can also earn points from purchasing which later u'll get some discounts off. Plus FREE samples and FREE delivery..what more can u ask for?? U can even COD...

Since I've order it on Thursday, I've received my package on Friday. Prompt delivery is surely counted as plus feature for me...

I've ended up purchasing these babi…

Shopping in KWC Fashion Mall

Not to sure what to post about on my first ever blogging post..Since I've recently went to KWC Fashion Mall...Nk share what I bought there..Bagi sape yang xtau...KWC stands for Kenanga WholesaleCity..boleh chek out website nie kalau nk tau kat mane -

Dah few times jugak pegi sini...just nk share some tips of my own bile shopping kat sini....Since brg2 kat situ tersngtlah bnyk dn macam2...anda akan jd rambang mata pegi situ..especially kalau anda mcm sy...gatal tgn kalau x beli :D
So bile pegi sane...or even mane2 pown.
1) Make a shopping list and only bring enough reasonable money to buy things on your list..
2) Don't stick to one kedai...kept on surveyying.
3) Kalau xnk beli borong..make sure harga brg berpatutan dibandingkn dengan harga borong.
4) Kalau barang mahal...baik beli borong....share2 la dgn kwn sekaki shopping...jd baru lah berbaloi.
5) Kalau barang terlalu murah..pastikan kualiti dan kuantiti memuaskan.

dan bawalah kereta besar kalau rase2 …