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Elianto Warehouse SALES!

Hi People! It is that time of the year again! SALES! Like everywhere SALE! SALE! SALE!
Do you like Makeup? Bags? Perfume? Skincare?
if you say Yes! to all of that... you have to visit;

Elianto is having Warehouse clearance from 2 Dec 2016 until 12 Dec 2016!
I just visit there, so let the pictures and vid do the talking;

Honest review; I have never missed Elianto warehouse sales since 3 years back. Elianto warehouse Sales is actually the only sales i get excited and it have never disappoint me but this time.... the stuff is not as exciting as the past. (or is it just me getting older and matured?) But the price is the kind of price you said to yourself, it won't hurt to buy even tho its not that worth it. 
Eventho i said what i said but i end up spending total of RM85. Oh Women!
But.....It doesn't hurt that much right?
This cute perfume that get me excited! coz it came in a really cute box! and duh it's only RM25 each! you can just wrap it and give to someone. or don't…

{Random & SALE & HAUL} Biggest monthly haul Voir Warehouse Sale/ Halfest/ Hijabster Fest 14

Hello pretty awesome! Raise your hands if you’ve been to Halfest?? too…what did you buy? For some whom may not know, I did cover the event last year and this year I’m back again. But, I’m not gonna go in details cause I just wanna share my huge massive September haul. Not all of them I bought in Halfest but I’ve gone crazy with shopping this month…
Halfest is short for Halal Fest. It basically showcased every product in Malaysia and even worldwide that are Halal. And when we say Halal, doesn't mean just food.  It can be anything from food to beauty products to financial package. Halal means much much more than just safe to eat in terms of ingredients. But the process of producing it, must be hygienic, safe and no hidden agenda. Same goes to financial package. Hidden charges are not Halal or as we called it non- sharia compliance. Halal is something you can use without a doubt, trust with all you hearts and gain full benefits out of it. It’s not a weird and awkward thing a…

{EVENTS} Bonita bags, Elianto Beauty Supplies and Tiamo shoes Warehouse Sale

Hello pretty awesome girls and few guys! Yeay, it's shopping time again. I just love going to warehouse sale. You'll get the chance to buy with total bargain. Currently I went there because it's quite near to my house. By now, it's 2 more days to go before ending so I just had to share so you'll have time to go too. BTW, SaSa sale also nearby. The place is quite remote actually, but if you're searching with GPS, I think you'll find it. It's near to Jusco Maluri or One Shamelin if you happen to search for the landmark. Let's cut the crap and see what are they offering. Hope you'll enjoy bunch of picture Iwill share. Anyway, of you're familiar with brands from Elianto, Bonita and Tiamo. You know you're expecting girls stuff like bags, shoes and makeup. I bought all the item above for only RM100. I think it's totally a great deal. They have shoes by Tiamo, most of them are flats.
They also have accessories by Bonita and bags. And most …