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{UNBOXING} Fashion Culture; Hijab Box; Raya special

Hello pretty awesome! I'm excited to share with you girls about this fashion box. Few times, I've been blogging about beauty box right? And how brilliant that Fashion Culture came up with the same concept but with, box full of accessories! Yup, you heard me.. It's A FASHION BOX. My sis Yana went insane on the item received and she just had to show off on her IG. She's a fashion junkie compared to mua the makeup junkie. I have to admit I went crazy too when I saw that butterfly ring. It is super gorgeous! But since, she loves it more than I do, I figured why not share what's inside.
As I open the beautiful white box, the item was wrapped neatly with black sugar paper and tie with white ribbon that seems exquisite. I was actually to excited to untie. But I have to take a photo of this because this minute little details what makes Fashion Culture box special.
Seeing all the item, makes me smile because it's just perfect for Raya. Especially for 'balik kampung…


Hello pretty awesome!! Ok ok... Have you watch the movie Lucy?? Did you? Did you?
If you did, what do you think? The best part of Lucy is Scarlett Johansson and of course, Morgan Freeman. I always think Morgan Freeman is the older version of Nicholas Cage. It's like, they have the largest brain capacity when it comes to memorizing lines. I mean..have seen them in action? They talk a lot of facts stuff ...and I just donno how they'd do it. Source Source
As for Scarlett Johansson, she's a starlet. I couldn't think of anyone else that could be Lucy. In this movie, Lucy is just a typical young adult that party and drinks and occasionally do drugs. She been set up by her boyfriend to send a package to a drug dealer. Little did she know, she's in for the biggest twist of her life, been cut open and accidentally drugged with a new invented drug that amazingly increased brain capacity. Source Normal human being uses only 10% of brain capacity. And with 10% brain capacity, hu…

A Daniel Wellington Watch by Small N' Hot

Hello beautiful awesome's time for me to have new I'm entering this giveaway because the watch looks o so gorgeous and it's a Daniel Wellington!
How gorgeous is she? I know I won't look as great as her wearing that watch...but well, gotta have it... Hopefully I'm the chosen one.. Click the link below and you too could win the DW!
Good Luck!