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{BUTTERFLY collabs FOODPANDA Review} For the love of food! Have it at your own comfort.

Hello pretty awesomefood eater! Tell me, Have you ever wish? That favorite restaurant of you provide delivery?Seven- 11 can just be near your house?Can you have food right at your doorstep in just one click? Or you have phrases like... Lapar tapi malas nk keluar... (I'm hungy but I'm too lazy or tire)'Boring'la makan fast food je... (I'm sick of the same fast food)Tak pandai drive, siapa bole belikan makanan? (I don't know how to drive, who can buy me food?) Or simply... you just like me! I love to eat!
I think I look happy when I eat. Literally I do! I don't really believe in restricting food to be beautiful. Don't get me wrong, I love being beautiful, but I love eating too.
Beautiful is subjective, and you can be either skinny or fat and either you're eating or not. (Just my opinion) Recently, me and my sis had a lot of fun photographing with that yummy cuppies. It's a festive season by the way. You'll find every places you go decorating so full…