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{REVIEW} The Balm: FratBoy Shadow/ Blush

Hello pretty awesome! Another simple review for today. This is another favorite from my last beauty swap. Have you heard of The Balm? If you're a makeup 'obsessor' like me, I bet you'll love The Balm. I always wanted one but never had them. In Malaysia, I considered The Balm to be quite a high end brand since it's pretty much pricey compared to other brand. But who can blame them for being pricey when clearly they are so irresistibly charming with the packaging design and the quality. I especially love the vintagey graphic on all their packaging. Wishing that The Balm will be wide in Malaysia someday.
Thanks to my swap partner, I got to taste the best of The Balm. Frat Boy shadow/blush by The Balm is obviously for your eyes and cheek. The packaging are made from hard paper which is really light to carry. And as I mention before, I love the packaging graphic which is totally old school. With just one swipe you can already see that pigmented salmon pink. I've us…