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The Wonderbox OCT Beauty Box UNBOXING/ First impression

Hello beauties!Have your days been wonderful??

Today, I've decided to do another unboxing...Let see...
I had tried..Bag of Love, Natta Cosme, Cosmobox, Modbox, The Lilac Box and now it's turn for Wonderbox. and I'm also planning to try out the most anticipated beauty box by all Vanity trove and Mivva soon. and next planning to do a comparison post versus to versus beauty box post. Hopefully soon...because I just love love beauty surprises.

So now, introducing, the Wonderbox
I love the box and overall packaging, the delivery, is average phase but the service respond are quite excellence. They came with a card like above and stated brief info on all the items we'll be getting. Sadly, no price stated on the card.
It is slightly customized based on our beauty profile which to me is somehow great but not as great because sometimes I love to try things that out of my beauty comfort. The one obvious disappointment to me is that there's no makeup at all...and most products…