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VS Lip Glow Review [vid]

Hi peeps! Here a really short and honest review for VS Lip Glow.
I really loveeee this lip glow/lip-balm!!!
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[Event] Huna x Tanimshah Cosmetics Lip matte launched

Hi Peeps!
So today i will be sharing with you guys, on @tasnimshah_19 years old women that just launched her own Premium Lip-matte. If you an Instagram addict like me, you will definitely know her as she is one of the very known "Insta Famous", not only an "Insta Famous", she also a muslimah model and now an entrepreneur. 

Collaborating with the famous local brand Huna ,Tasnimshah Cosmetics had to introduce the new Premium Lip Matte that used only quality argan oil as it main ingredient is offering 3 range of colour; Taj Mahal, Hagia Sophia and Burj Khalifa.

Other that rich with vitamin E, Omega 3 and 6, Premium Lip Matte also contain ‘asam lemak’ essential that have high antioxidant. Moreover, the argan oil in the lip matte will also help in exfoliation process that leave our lips more beautiful and healthy. I have never come across such lip matte. So yes! no more flaky lips!
In continuous usage of the Premium Lip Matte will give your lips more moisturize, fresh …

Are you OBSESS with OBSESS? Nuex Rosli x Syedewa Liquid Lipstick

Good Day!
Hi girls!
So... Are you Obsessed with OBSESS Cosmetics? coz if you do, you will for sure love the LIMITED Edition Nuex Rosli x Syedewa Liquid Lipstick!!!

NR- Nuex Rosli SD- Syedewa
If you guys don't know who is Nuex Rosli  and Syedewa, do u even love makeup? like seriously? 😆 okey kidding! Nuex Rosli and Syedewa is the current famous MakeUp Artist (MUA). who ever they touch, just look amazing! can they please makeup me? for free? i cannot afford you guysss. me is so sad!
Nuex Rosli & Syedewa personally pick the color. As Neux Rosli said he like colour that have colour, that is shown obviously that she is wearing one. but for Syedewa, he like it like Warda look, more natural. For me personally, i love them both and i'm sure u will love it too!
ohh wait if you love these two color, you will definitely the others too;

04- Lolipop 05- Nutella 02- Marshmallow  06- Bubblegum 
Here a short vid of me wearing all of it;

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The minimalist makeup essential: CC Cream and ombre lippies by Elisha Coy

Scroll sampai habis kalau nak tengok kte pkai apa untuk ombre lips. Hello! Hari ni eksaited nak share another CC Cream. I memang peminat CC Cream. Sebab CC Cream ni mudah,  10 dalam 1 fungsi dia. Especially untuk kulit tak sekata macam I, CC Cream boleh tolong ratakan color kulit I. And selain kesan instant, dengan penggunaan secara berterusan, I rasa CC Cream boleh memutihkan kulit dan mengurangkan kedutan. Most CC Cream also came up with UV protection. Samalah macam CC Cream Elisha Coy.
Bezanya Elisha Coy CC Cream dengan yang lain- lain, ia mengandungi bahan- bahan yang semulajadi dan selamat untuk kulit. So, tak ada lah lepas pakai muka berminyak pastu tumbuh jerawat bagai. I suka pakai CC Cream untuk hasilkan makeup yang minimalist. Konon-konon kulit natural beauty lah tu..Padahal sapu CC Cream seinci. Kalau pakai foundation agak tebal mesti nampak sangat buruk bila dah berpeluh. Melainkanlah korang cantik bak Siti Nurhaliza, takpayah pakai apa- apa pun memang cantik. Nangis pun ca…

{REVIEW} LASplash Cosmetics: Chubby Twist; Auto Matted Lipstick

Hello pretty awesome! Remember my latest haul?  I'm still drafting on the airbrush post. But, it's going to be out soon!  Today, let me introduce you to LASplash Cosmetics's Chubby Twist; an Auto Matted Lipstick. Honestly, I never heard of LaSplash cosmetics before. Have you heard of it? As I mentioned before, MySale is constantly selling stuff from overseas that are amazingly at great bargain price. As I was browsing through, I find that this set of chubby twist is extremely tempting especially the cost. So, I decided to give it a go. Let's keep the price a secret for a while. After ordering this from MySale through a good friend of mine,this lipstick arrive safely after a month all the way from US via Australia. The set came with 4 shades of chubby twist. Each with similar shape and size. The size are the same as any other lip balm stick. The shade that they include inside are almost alike. As I recalled, there are two sets of this chubby twist available. But all to…