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I wanna go to Korea!

Its Althea birthday! What better way to celebrate it than Shopping? Right?
Best yet, it's their birthday but they are giving out like its our birthday (so not complaining) SALE! Like crazy! Worth every dollar!  Birthday giveaways! Free product to add into cart! Birthday goodies! You will get the cutest box (birthday box) + DIY Bday kit + Sample pack!
Not to forget the FLY ME TO KOREA contest! All you need to do is decorate the box as creative as you can and post on Instagram with #AltheaTurns2 #AltheaKorea and you already 1step closer to korea! 
So here a vid of me unboxing and decoring my box! (trying my luck) 
Dear Althea elves, please pick me? I promise i be good!

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Unboxing Althea! [vid]

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{UNBOXING} Fashion Culture; Hijab Box; Raya special

Hello pretty awesome! I'm excited to share with you girls about this fashion box. Few times, I've been blogging about beauty box right? And how brilliant that Fashion Culture came up with the same concept but with, box full of accessories! Yup, you heard me.. It's A FASHION BOX. My sis Yana went insane on the item received and she just had to show off on her IG. She's a fashion junkie compared to mua the makeup junkie. I have to admit I went crazy too when I saw that butterfly ring. It is super gorgeous! But since, she loves it more than I do, I figured why not share what's inside.
As I open the beautiful white box, the item was wrapped neatly with black sugar paper and tie with white ribbon that seems exquisite. I was actually to excited to untie. But I have to take a photo of this because this minute little details what makes Fashion Culture box special.
Seeing all the item, makes me smile because it's just perfect for Raya. Especially for 'balik kampung…

bag of love! DEC!

hello my dearbeautiful reader! so how ur holiday? just okey? exciting? or just simply exhausting like mine? even though it is my semester break, i still have to work at my last work place. because they miss me too much. or as they said "they are short of staff?"  knowing they miss me too much, i have to work. because the doc himself personally call and ask for me to come to work. 
enough about my boring life. so i just got my 1st bag of love!!! yeyyy! for me <3 and kakak ask me to do the review for this dec bag. so i cant say no to her. but i do it my way. since i love to do everything in video form. and instagram video is so amazing so.... this entry will be full with video!  u can also follow me on instagram at @yanarusli i just love update everything there.

okey first thing first! dont u think this december bag is super duper gorgeous?  at first i am sad because i miss the november bag, but after Miss A post the bag for the dec, i just cant wait to receive it. i also …


Hello Beauties...How have you been? Have you done something great this year? It's already December and oh boy...time flies..Today is a special entry, something that dearest to my heart...and It's all about charity....Working with people, I've learn through time and experience to be more considerate, empathizes and sympathizes towards other. However, lack of time and money always constrains me to do out of my limit so I try to push myself to be involve in volunteering work especially working as a healthcare worker, you'll get chance to do community service and so on...Sadly in reality, not all healthcare worker (people around me) or even people involve in charity really meant they love contributing. It's always for something benefits themselves. How many people just happen to help strangers in need? I bet only few...Something I learn from giving is that you always gets something better in return, just that, don't expect anything from giving. The feeling when ma…

Bag Of Love Busy Bees edition Nov 13!

Hello beauties! It's November! and it's going to be 2014 soon...I didn't even had any resolution completed and yet I feel blessed that suddenly I have been inspired to blog...I always love documenting my life...but never thought blogging would be it...
Moving right along...I have the BOL(Bag of Love)!! and this month BOL sells like hot cake like they always do! because of the bag and the what's going to be inside..This month BOL decided to go with the theme BUSY- BEES and I just loveee the bag design, when it arrived my mom had set her eyes on the bag...because she love it soo much I decided to give it to her though I love the bag too but because beauty is all about sharing , I just had to let it go...and furthermore, Busy Bees theme suits her well as she works, she cooks and she takes care of us even though I am already big enough...It's kinda nice to have someone looks after me;) Thank you mummy..

Presenting...the one and only BOL!!
Tadaaa!! Suit…

Natta Cosme November! Unbagging Heavy Edition?

Hello beauties!!It's been on my planning to do this post but I've been postponing because of work...I work for 10 days straight and felt worn out that on day 7, I have to drag myself to go to work...sigh*

Enough about me, It's the post that I've been promising, the unbagging/ unzipping/ unboxing Natta Cosme November; Heavy edition Beauty Bag!! While ordering I kept thinking what's it going to be for Heavy Edition? I was thinking it would be a heavy box maybe with rocks or something but when it came, it was like...owwww, I get it...and you will get it too soon after you scroll down...

Presenting my NC Nov Bag!
It's totally neat! Looks more convincing... I have to say Bravo to Natta Cosme because this is only the third bag after debut and they improved a lot lot ...see my previous post on Natta Cosme Beauty Bag September and October month to compare:)
Did you guess what's 'Heavy Edition' means? No? Ok..Let us see the first item in the bag...PS: I'…