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{CONTEST} Shopping mood ON! L'Oreal Paris lovers #beautycountdown

Hello pretty awesome! I know I've been MIA for the past few days...I'm sick as h*** ...and my time are wasted on sleeping, crying and toileting.... I was going to do this post soon as I know of it..but when I'm sick...everything are put to pause..I'm a type of person who's rarely get sick...Thus, being sick is just not my forte...but I sure am a shopaholics!  Raised your hands if you're a L'Oreal lover! The other day when I was doing my shopping, I just realized I'm prone to buy L'Oreal stuff...maybe because their product are so good that they just understands because I'm worth it.
So worth it that they're giving away a CAR WORTH OVER 100K, I mean...I felt so blessed enough if I could even win their RM100 worth of hamper.. But let's imagine riding that 100K worth of car, having time in the world and just sipping on that green tea ( well, I can't drink Alcohol ) Wow! wouldn't that be heaven on earth ?? Starting from 1st of Novemb…

be fit.

"fit is the new pink"

hai gorgeous! happy monday! note that today entry will be a bit different. do you know that being fit is not that hard?

it all start from you. set your mind and goal. positive thinking. and just be fit.
i started go to the gym last year on may till now i am addicted to it. at 1st i just wanted to lost some weight. but now i just wan to be fit and lean.
it really not that hard if you set your mind into it. 
note that: im not an expert, i just learn from my experience and my result.
my exercise routine:
cardio 30 minutes treadmill - incline 15                  -speed 4 to 5 my target on cardio every 30 minute  -burn 200 calories -2 kilometer
cadio maybe bored for some,  my tips, maybe you can try go outside cardio. i always go to broga hills to do a fun cardio, and at the same time you can also get a bit of leg exercise while you hiking to the top. after cardio
i often do a lot of leg exercise, at least 3 to 2 times a week. it is good for my glute.  ps, if y…

{RANDOM HAUL} Cheap beauty gem: Power perfect pore, Anti- wrinkle massager and ETC

Hello pretty awesome! Today I'm gonna share a little beauty spa hack.. I'm not a big fan of facial spa cause it's rather troublesome when I have to book appointment, spend money on it, spend time on it and sometimes even gets really frustrated with the result.
Hence, I decided to search far and wide for beauty equipment that works exactly like in the spa..WITH a TIGHT BUDGET as the main criteria. When I mention far and wide, I'm just saying searching in few online shop which I think pretty decent to shop at like, Qoo10 and of course, Lazada. I even went to my favorite bargain store Mr. DIY. If you're smart enough, you'll shop there too cause they sell crazy stuff with such bargain price!
On my quest, here's a few that I'm able to buy and brief opinion on each of them. Here's a question.. How much do you think I bought all this?

Yup, not more than RM200!
 This multifunction face massager is around RM60. There are many cheap massager brand …