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{REVIEW} Shills, Love me, an inexperience kind of review.

Hello pretty awesome, this is quite embarrassing to share with, since I have no experience what so ever to review this product, I'm not even married so how could I? But fret not, I have friends to do it for me. This is the perks of working in medical line, you'll have limited boundaries in talking about the downside stuff.
Shills, Love me is actually a feminine tightening gel. Shills have came up with various product to enhance your bedtime action (this sound awkward coming from someone wit no experience). They even have skincare product and slimming. What attracts me to Shills is the packaging of course! So when Hishop offers this to blogger, I don't even bother to know what I'm reviewing and just said yes...padan muke kan... but ya, strictly being a professional blogger, I have to review this.
Now tell me if this isn't cute enough to sway to have this? It says on the the box that it's a Feminine  natural vaginal tightening gel, proven to reverse the loss of …