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Face Luxe Brush By Breena Beauty; Berus makeup eksklusif Sabrina Tajudin

Hello! Macam mana persiapan bulan puasa korang? Bestnya bagi sesiapa yang ada peluang cuti dan berbuka dengan keluarga lepastu dapat pergi solat tarawih dengan senang hati. I kerja je time tu...sob.. sob.. tapi tak apalah...tu lah lumrah kerja jururawat...Masa tak tentu... Taknak cerita sedih- sedih dah...Nak kenalkan uolls kepada berus makeup yang tersangatlah cantik by Breena Beauty! Kalau tengok gambar diatas mesti dah rasa teruja kan...memang berus dia sangat lembut. And of course, the quality is at top notch. Sekali pandang, never imagine that this is a local brand. Oh yes! better believe it, I memang bangga sangat dengan kejayaan the founder of Breena Beauty in making this brush a tough competitor to the luxurious brand. Mana taknya, tengok sekali je dah tergoda dengan warna putih dan rose gold berus tersebut.
Memang betul, looks can be deceiving, but trust me, the brush quality is a good as it looks. Bulu sintetik berbentuk dom yang teramat lembut sesuai untuk aplikasi makeup …

{EVENT & CONTEST} Prosperous day with XES

Hello! It's that time of year again where everyone celebrates days with 'Ang pows' and Mandarin orange...At least that's what significantly I notice every time it's Chinese New Year.
Wishing everyone a good day of course! Last few days I was invited by the prettiest girl Sabrina to attend another XES event. I was always in when it comes to XES event cause they often throw the most amazing delightful event. And who wouldn't want to get their hand on cool looking bags and superb comfy shoes? And so, it happens to be in their new XES outlet again in Quill City Mall Malaysia.

I'm lucky to be a part of XES journey although just a tiny portion of it. They grew to be so much more trendy and well known worldwide. Moreover, happy that they represents Malaysia in a really good way. Arriving, I was greet by this ink brush and wide spread paper where we all are required to leave mark to this memorable day. I think this resembles Chines culture but I don't know the…