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Kingsman The Secret Service movie review. To watch or not to watch?

"Manners makes a man" As quoted by Harry (acted by Colin Firth) while he lock the door and unleash his sleek style fighting ability towards scumbags that was talking to him rudely , I was then truly sunk into this whole English duke kind of spy movie. The scene particularly to me, makes this movie as a whole especially the quote. source And of course, picking Colin Firth as one of the Kingsman spy and the main actor for this movie is spot on. But why oh why the movie decided not to have him in the sequel!!?? (if there is ever a sequel) It sadden me to know that the ending for Harry is just not the way I wish it to be...
If you're into James Bond type of movie with a little bit extra humor, then this is your kind of movie. I love that the movie started of with the beginning of a young boy called Eggsy (Taron Egerton) whom had so much potential to be great but wasted his life away with unimportant agenda due to family crisis. Somehow, destiny has it ways around and suddenly…


Hello! I'm pretty excited cause in just few hours, Malaysia will be able to watch The Wedding Ringer in cinema nationwide! Thanks to Nuffnang, I got to see it first in Malaysia (spotted me on Nuffnang IG) . 
If you love movies like Horrible Bosses or Green Lantern or Hangover 1, 2, 3, I bet you'll love this times 10 more. Source
This movie is about an extremely socially awkward guy whom is getting married to a gorgeous hot girlfriend of his. Wanted to give his very best, he tried so hard to make the wedding as perfect as can be including having the best of the best man around. Turns out, finding seven true friend that could be his best man is too much to handle considering he didn't have any. Luckily for him, money is not a big deal and who knows, Wedding Ringer is available for hire!  Source And so, he met this guy named Jimmy, the best man of the best men that could ever be. With a price of course! Jimmy, the professional wedding ringer is played by Kevin Hart. I think K…

{NUFFNANG} Mamma Mia Musical Experience Live in KL

Well, hello there pretty awesome! How's your weekend? I'm off to weddings in a bit..

Thanks to Nuffnang especially Jack and the crew for choosing me as the contest winner. It was my absolute dream to watch musical theather and not just any, my one and only dream show. Two years ago and even last year I was meant to buy a ticket for myself to see the show. Never had the right moment to do so.
And when I was surveying for the tickets, I'm quite stirred by the price. Honestly, my expectations for the show are quite high up there.
We arrive at KLCC around 2pm and it was held at Plenary Hall which is 3rd floor by the way. The hall is ok for a theather considering it was my first time there. However, I got seats that were far from the stage. I got to say the view wasn't that pretty clear.
Anyway, I think the show is brilliant for family view. It's about a girl that had so many dreams and the ultimate one is to find her dad. The first scene is kind of funny but at times …

{Event} Nuffnang Raya 2014 @ Wanaka The Bungalow, Damansara Heights

Hello pretty awesome! If you followed me on IG, you would know that I participated in the #NNRaya where you get the chance to Raya- ing with all the Nuffnangers and of course, all the awesome collaborated partner for that Raya event like AmbiPur, Carama Castrol, Humble Beginnings, Doof Industries, WOW Photobooth and especially UMobile. source
Well, if you've seen the poster, you will be as excited as me cause it's so graphically cute. Sadly, I did not have much photo taken because I came with my mom and we're like hoping to one open house to another. As you already know, 23rd August was like the last weekend of Raya and to fulfill all the invitations, we have to shorten the length of raya- ing in one house. Skipping that sad part, I had undeniably awesome Raya with my mom and Nuffnang ok! Who said mom can't be your best girlfriend??
Arriving at Wanaka, the first thing we see is all the decoration they had in and out. It was the perfect weather too to strike a pose and …


Hello pretty awesome!! Ok ok... Have you watch the movie Lucy?? Did you? Did you?
If you did, what do you think? The best part of Lucy is Scarlett Johansson and of course, Morgan Freeman. I always think Morgan Freeman is the older version of Nicholas Cage. It's like, they have the largest brain capacity when it comes to memorizing lines. I mean..have seen them in action? They talk a lot of facts stuff ...and I just donno how they'd do it. Source Source
As for Scarlett Johansson, she's a starlet. I couldn't think of anyone else that could be Lucy. In this movie, Lucy is just a typical young adult that party and drinks and occasionally do drugs. She been set up by her boyfriend to send a package to a drug dealer. Little did she know, she's in for the biggest twist of her life, been cut open and accidentally drugged with a new invented drug that amazingly increased brain capacity. Source Normal human being uses only 10% of brain capacity. And with 10% brain capacity, hu…

{MOVIE REVIEW} How to train your dragon 2 with Nuffnang!

Hello pretty awesome! How's your day? Another simple entry for today. Yesterday I went for a movie preview thanks to Nuffnang. Honestly I'm not a big fan of action movie. But..this is totally different! So long ago there's existence of How To Train Your Dragon 1. I almost forget how's the story goes because it's ages ago. As I recalled, it's about Hiccup, not a thing but a boy living in Viking era. Hiccup is always enthusiastic about discovering world but having a conservative father that holds high hope on his son, Hiccup feels rebellious and out of his action, he found Toothless, a cute rare black dragon that he knows little about. They become best buddy and change world between human and dragon.
In the sequel, human and dragon are already living peacefully. Hiccup's father decided to pass the throne but Hiccup wasn't ready. So he went wandering off till he discovers that enemy is coming to stir up the peaceful relationship between men and dragon. On…

With Whisper & Yoga, Menstrual days gets better.

Hello pretty awesome!  I’m getting stress with all the chaos happening in life especially when you have to work all the time and leave no room for fun. Now, imagine the most stressful event happening to every girl each once every month. I bet you know what I'm talking about...Yes, it's menstrual day...having no problem with menstrual is such blessings...but as you develop stress, cramps follows you on your menstrual day.  sigh*
Now let’s see what do you have to eat when you’re having your menses?
üFood rich in omega-3 fatty acid like tuna, walnuts, flax seeds üCalcium and magnesium rich foods like Broccoli and fortified cereals üFoods rich in vitamin-C üFresh fruits üWhole grains üGreen tea, peppermint tea üDrink plenty of water
Eat that, done that…but still menstrual pain kept coming back, until Whisper has been kind enough to offer me and my sister to try out Yoga . I was at first, have doubt about this… I mean…lots of movement. Does this not cause worst on my dilemma? But well, I…