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Easy Raya Shopping with

Hello pretty awesome! I know, all of you girls already know don't you? But, how many of you really shop there? I'm here to admit it's my first time shopping in Thanks to Zalora itself for the opportunity! After three days of ordering, I got my item already...tehee... I know my choice of item is a little bit ordinary. But I love it soo much.  See, it's not so bad right? This is the type of platform loafers that I was looking for. 7 inch and flat. This is definitely a comfy shoes to walk in and plus it give me height. BTW, black already sold out. You can look for Choc- O- Latte brand for white and salmon color if you want this too.
And this is another item that I choose from Zalora which already sold out too.  I'm looking for an everyday bag but you can also put on with crazy outfit look because it has two sides. One plain and one with orange tassels. Don't you think it's awesome?
I just wanna say that I think shopping at is gr…

{REVIEW} Plus White 5 Minute* Speed Whitening Teeth System

Hello pretty awesome! It going to be Raya soon. I bet everyone is preparing for a fantastic eve.How's that going? As for me, it's never enough..I like to think Raya as the point where I try my hardest to take care of myself and beautified for Raya from head to toe. Of course, Raya meant that you have to be the best during Ramadhan. Hopefully I'm on the right track. Now that I've mentioned head to toe, I'm glad that I have the opportunity to try this product. Actually I've been meaning to whiten my shameful yellow tooth for quite long time. But time constrain and budget are just out of question and going to dentist is such troublesome for me.
I knew that there's products out there offers whitening of teeth. Honestly, I'm too skeptical to try it out. Does it really work? Do stay till the end of the post. Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening System is a system that contains 3 items which is Plus White Tartar Control Pre- Whitening Rinse, Plus White Speed W…

The Joy of Giving

Hello pretty awesome! You know what I love the most other than makeup? I love the feeling that I have when I see a smile on someone's face after receiving just a small portion of what I have. Call me cheesy but I guarantee you'll feel the same when you help someone. That's why my job is something that I enjoy doing everyday. It's the opportunity to help someone that gives me thrill in my field of job.

So, obviously I wanna help out when my fave community is cheering for charity. It actually does not matter whether you're rich or poor, there's something you can give to help out. So, don't just stay and do nothing when you have so much to give. And when we say giving, you don't choose who you give it to. You just give. So, come join in.
Amante Nail Spa a superlative spa for women housing popular beauty and wellness needs will be hosting a one-day Amante Charity Fair on 7th September 2014 from 10am to 6pm
In conjunction with this fair, customers can purchas…