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[Review] Shizens Sheer Tin Foundation & Lip Tattoo

Good Day!
Another day another blog post.
As promised i will be reviewing this two expensive makeup;

 Sheer Tint Foundation & Lip Tattoo.
Let's start with Sheer Tint Foundation,

Apart from the fact that it is formulated with a unique WOW technology (Water-in-Oil-in-Water), where water molecules are double coated to provide the skin with extra moisture and hydration.  I personally love it coz everytime i applied it to my face it gives me the fresh feeling & my face feels moist the entire day. It is light and very easy to apply.
Here before and after picture;

You can't actually see much different but if you look closely you can see that it help a lot with my dark circle and give me the fresh look. For daily makeup i will actually wear my day cream, sun screen then only i will wear  but for the purpose of reviewing this product and only this so.....  What do you think?
Pros and Cons: 1.Too expensive for 40ml foundation. 2.It has the ability to promote microcirculation,…

RM500 for makeup? Seriously?

Good Day!
Eh hi we meet again i guess? but still Thank You for dropping by. (pretending people actually visit my lame blog) So sad. Life have to go on....

For those that love makeup RM500 is actually nothing for makeup. However for me...... i sucks at makeup, like seriously sucks that I never experience my makeup on fleek, it either too dark or too light, just never in between.

As promised on the last post that i will share with you guys on what i spent on the RM500 cash voucher for Parkson from Nescafe Tarik event but before you judge, just remember Im just like any other women that love makeup but dont actually makeup that much. So that's why i bought this, really! because its natural look and actually help in healing my ugly skin. (which actually need more than this, but this is good for now)
Things i bought; oh its only RM471.80 because I gave my friend RM100. I paid for both shizens first for RM389 and i got another RM50 voucher. Now Parkson are giving away voucher if you sp…

Face Luxe Brush By Breena Beauty; Berus makeup eksklusif Sabrina Tajudin

Hello! Macam mana persiapan bulan puasa korang? Bestnya bagi sesiapa yang ada peluang cuti dan berbuka dengan keluarga lepastu dapat pergi solat tarawih dengan senang hati. I kerja je time tu...sob.. sob.. tapi tak apalah...tu lah lumrah kerja jururawat...Masa tak tentu... Taknak cerita sedih- sedih dah...Nak kenalkan uolls kepada berus makeup yang tersangatlah cantik by Breena Beauty! Kalau tengok gambar diatas mesti dah rasa teruja kan...memang berus dia sangat lembut. And of course, the quality is at top notch. Sekali pandang, never imagine that this is a local brand. Oh yes! better believe it, I memang bangga sangat dengan kejayaan the founder of Breena Beauty in making this brush a tough competitor to the luxurious brand. Mana taknya, tengok sekali je dah tergoda dengan warna putih dan rose gold berus tersebut.
Memang betul, looks can be deceiving, but trust me, the brush quality is a good as it looks. Bulu sintetik berbentuk dom yang teramat lembut sesuai untuk aplikasi makeup …