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Hello Kitty and Beauty stuff

Hello yg gojes lagi cantik dan comel! Today is a random post of mine where I share my memorable moment with Supermodel's secrets video making . If you've seen their insta and also my IG, I have posted this video of me showing of the teeth whitening product.

Well, I think Supermodel's secrets did a really great job capturing and editing the video as I was so awkward that day.  I'm officially going to be slowing down on being a beauty blogger since I'm planning for my wedding this year. It's such a sad decision to do that, but I don't think I can keep up having to review products and stuff. Well, I am still going to do blogging just not as much and certainly not so much on beauty...I might be sharing my wedding journey anytime soon though. Although 6 months might seems like a lot of time to be planning, I doubt it would go smoothly if I just sat quietly for it to happen. Enough about me, Today I specifically wanted to share my experience in Supermodel's …

{REVIEW} Discover Your Natural Inner Beauty with Chamos Acaci

Hello pretty awesome! Let's keep this short and simple but be sure to check out supermodel2u link cause you'll be amaze on how this beauty product works magically. If you've read the previous post, this is quite similar to it with the exception of being awesome in WHITENING.
This Korean made contains Galactomyces 100% Ferment Filtrate. Yes, if you have dry, sensitive, dark skin, how about trying this? After two weeks of usage, I find that this really helps.  I have develop a hideous invasion of pimples on my left cheek area after having my menses. My hormone are too active that it also activate the pimples growing. After 2 weeks of usage, I can't believe that it works although I didn't felt anything strange during the brightening process. Like I said before, it also act as brightening product. But it would take a little big longer to work for whitening.
I love the fact that 
it's small and easy to carry and also easy to applyIt's watery exactly like the fam…

{REVIEW} Secret Key to being beautiful

Hai gorgeous! Happy monday!
today i will reviewing the SECRET KEY.
but first let me tell you the benefit of the SECRET KEY. Secret Key is a starting treatment essence for you face that make u forget about your age. It have double the amount of containing active ingredient with double functional in whitening and anti-wrinkle, restore rhythm of the skin, make most and clear skin.
Recommended for : various skin improve by one productwho wan clear skin from insidewho want rapid functional effect from the first step of skin carewho want hypo-allergenic product due to sensitive skinHow to use? Use twice daily, morning and night. After cleansing, gently pat face and neck using a cotton pad soaked with Facial Treatment Essence. You can even use it on the eye area.

 (please ignore the very serious face)

I've been using Secret Key for two weeks now, I personally love it.
 What I love about it?
-the bottle size - big! means more! love! love! - the texture - it is light and very easy to apply - t…

{REVIEW} Travel easily with Makeup Brushes in a PU Vegan Leather Tube Canister Cylinder Case Holder

"Behind great art, there's a great person and great tools' or shall we say great makeup brushes?

Hello pretty awesome! Ingat tak post yg citer pasal travelling tu? Kalau korang perhati, mesti nampak yg bekas bulat tu.. Mesti korang tanpa segan silu cakap kejadahnye pompuan nie bawak pencil box g travel kan...Tapi korang salah...nie bukan brg kanak2 skola eh... Bace habis2 post nie baru tau dalam ad ap.. Too pretty to resist aight? I just had to play this brushes with my friends. Through experience being a bargain hunter, I noticed most super cute brushes packaging will only be attractive but not functional. Especially in terms of the brush quality and the handle being so fragile and ETC. Upon receiving this, I have not put high expectation for it to be great. Boy, I was wrong. It's pretty inside out! Came in the cutest Tube Canister,are this cute travel brushes. Before I talk about the brushes, I would love to brag about the canister. Available in four colors, the br…

{Review} Secret Lash handmade eyelashes; fake lashes that doesn't seems fake

Hello pretty awesome! If you noticed from previous makeover post, I have used this lashes quite often. I'll tell you why I love the lashes to bits later on.
In the cutest pink box, there was my newly found love eyelashes, the Secret Lash clear base Natural False Eye Lashes. Honestly, I'm a total failure when it comes to applying false lashes. I don't know why this makes the different. But it really does feel easier to put on compared to the non- handmade one. And if you compared, you can detect right away which false lase seems obviously fake.
The first time that test it on my lid, I already felt comfortable. Wearing other false lashes would be almost like putting on weight on the lid and it's heavy and stiff and cause so much discomfort. Unlike other false lashes, this came in brown which I find hard to find in the market too. It's really soft and super comfy to wear. The lashes also soft and fits well on my eyes. I also love that it's easily sticks on lid. I…

{Makeover & Review} 20 Color eye shadows makeup palette; Rock edgy look

Hello pretty awesome! So it's another makeover series here at And now it's turn for another one of my best friend to be conteng2 by me. This time, I'm going for extreme rock look. Her face is quite soft and cute and her skin is flawless. Hence, I decided to give her a little edge rocker girl look. The palette I'm using was the 20 color eye shadows which is all shimmers and very bright vibrant color. 
If you ask me, I'll say this is the palette if you're someone that loves the night life. This palette has every color to suits your wardrobe from Yellow tone to edgy black. Either you're going to a concert, going as a performer and then dinner. It can all be done with this palette.
For my friend's look, I choose purple tone and a bit of orange for eyes and red lips. This palette definitely can add that sexiness to your look. Like previous palette, I love the long lasting effect. It's superb pigmented and really vibrant. Of course, w…