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2017 Wish List to become a professional Blogger and maybe a youtuber?

Good Day!

For 2017, new year, new resolution, new me!
So for this year, my resolution is to be a professional blogger and maybe future youtuber?
Let see... what do I need to be a professional blogger? And future YouTuber maybe? A good quality pictures and video right? No more using your iPhone! Or stop using ur brother camera, he bought it not for you to use.. duhhhh.
5 Wish List for the 2017; 1.Sony A5000 Mirrorless Camera
Ofcoz it have to be mirrorless, coz im just like any normal girls, a selfie freak! 
2. Memory Card;
Every camera need memory card, but for my case, i need a lot of memory card. So.... duhhh
Next? Good lighting  make a good quality photos and videos right? Good quality equal to more reader and viewer! kn? kn? kn? Means I need a Light! 3. Ring Light
Let's check,  camera + memory ✔️ Lighting ✔️
Since i dont have my own photographer..........but OOTD post is a must means tripod is must! so.... 4.Tripod
Ootd post is compulsory so cool backgrounds is must have! Do…

{TOP 5 tips and items} Confessions of an online shopaholics

Hello! I have a confession to make..or you already know? I'm kind of a borderline online shopper addict..If you have read my past entry, I just love to buy stuff at bargain price..especially online...sometimes shopping online is much easier and soo much cheaper yet fussy free. My boyfriend on the other hand is a 'see it to believe it' kind of shopper. Hence, he's against me buying stuff online but he just doesn't know the wonders of online window shopping. For you boys out there whom are exactly like my boyfriend, try to look on a bright side; you should be relieved that your girlfriend is an online shopper instead of a shopping mall shopper because (I just came up with few logic reason) a) It's safer especially compared to shopping in an area that are so many robbery and bad people b) It's fuel saving. Just think about having to drive over here and there and also being stuck in jam c) It's kind of less distracting, If you're the type of guy who hate w…

{VIDEO: REVIEW,UNBOXING & TIPS} Luminess Air: Heiress Cosmetic Airbrush System.

Hello pretty awesome! Today is the day that I'm going to review this awesomeness wish list item of mine. I know it's been long - time since I bought this. It's been a month or two or three to be exact, it took me a week to master using this and a month to fall in love with it. 
I always wanted this since I saw my fave youtuber talked about it. Airbrush foundation had been known in Malaysia, yet it's not something that everyone own because of its nonavailability in the local market and the cost of one kit is equivalent to a month of household goods, so go figure. You could say this is kind of a splurge item of mine but I never regret having this. I was planning to have it someday depending on how easy I could obtain this.And yes! Finally having this is somewhat lucky as suddenly it appears as sale item on Mysale. Thanks to my dearest friend Nabilah, I was able to get my hands on this. It's a coincidence that I have extra cash on that particular time. So I guess it …