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{REVIEW} Hello sexay with 5 minutes Lipid Bomb Firming Mouse by Cathy

Hello hello sexy and pretty and awesome beauty nation! Just a random non- sponsor sharing day today. This is another product by Cathy. I just love Cathy product's packaging that's pretty and oh so sexay. You know I've been battling with fat all the time and yahhh I still do..Being an overweight person all my life is just something normal to deal with everyday. But hye..Just chill babe..Life's too short to be stress about appearance. I've slimmed down before and yet, it's so damn hard to maintained. I guess I'll just chill as for now.
 This is called, 5 minutes lipid bomb; an L-Carnitine Chilli Mousse. It's supposed to smooths the appearance of cellulite especially at the area of abdomen, hips, thighs, knees or arms. Fun fact: slim person also has cellulite ok and So, they're not perfect as well. Formulated in Korea, this hot mousse contains ingredients like Aqua, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium- PCA, Yeast Extract, Biosaccharide Zum- I, Hydroxypropyl Gua…

{REVIEW} Cathy Doll L- Glutathione Magic Cream

Hello pretty awesome!
Another old but still famous product I would like to review today. I love Cathy Doll products especially because of it's packaging are just super cuteness. Cathy Doll was formulated in Korea and they were produce in Thailand. So last month I went to Krabi as you already know. I was surprise that not many Cathy Doll product were sold on the shelves. It's quite disappointing as I'm excited to find them in Thailand. Cathy Doll in Malaysia are easy to find online but they didn't sell Cathy Doll product like they're selling in Thailand. In Thailand, even in 7Eleven, you could see Cathy Doll products but not soo much too.
Back to my review, as I was searching for food in 7Eleven,Thailand, I found this Cathy Doll L- Glutathione magic cream. I always wanted to try it on. It was for only 99 Baht. Which is RM9.90. I regret not buying more. This 60mls tube would lasted you about a month. This cream is said to create a flawless beautiful skin. This cream…