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{REVIEW} Candy for your lips with CandyDoll

Hello pretty awesome! Omg omg omg! I'm pretty excited to share these super duper cute lippies by CANDYDOLL. Everyone has their own lips product preference. Some might be obsess with lip balm, some might choose just a simple lipstick or some may be into lip gloss. Personally I'm a lip stain person. I love lippies that could last longer especially after a meal. So when I receive this pretty looking lipgloss, I'm not soo excited to have it on, cause in my mind it wouldn't last longer. But hye! I'm really surprise with the outcome. It's so shiny and make my lips illusionly fuller. The lipgloss consistency is not like the usual lipgloss consistency. Doesn't felt so sticky and most important, the consistency is not so runny and watery.

Like I said, everybody has it own choice of lippies and turns out, this prettiest lipgloss is purposely created by Dakota Rose also known as Dakota Ostrenga, a well known internet sensation real life Barbie doll. Source
Dakota Rose …