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Hello beauties, it took me forever to post this out because honestly I'm slightly disappointed getting this..I've never tried vanity trove before but I heard good reviews on I figured I would like to try them out...and what month could be better to try than Christmas month which I thought would be extra something...and as you know...I love instead of choosing what's in it...I let vanity trove to decide...So...shall we see what's in the box??

I leave no surprise element on this post because I'm quite not so happy with it...and you should know why at the end of this post ya...
Antipode Joyful hand and body lotion as I mentioned before...Got this also in a beauty box...I ♡ the smell...if you love berries smell...this would be it..the product by Skinlab is something I love...As usual, it gives you feeling of smoothness on application..
Again, something that I have got before in a beauty box...I also love this serum...but packing in a sachets is so…

Talika Beauty Secrets workshop day in conjunction with Vanity Trove (Cindy'sPlanet giveaway prize)!

Hello beauties! It's Saturday and you know what? It's the Christmas potluck day for the butterflies...Sadly...I have a wedding to attend...sob sob...I love meeting with the butterflies...It's where everything I love collides...Lovely event, nice place, beautiful scene and friendly people...but hye...hopefully I get to meet them again soon... Today I wanna tell you about my day attending the Talika Beauty Secrets Workshop, all thanks to Cindy's Planet for the awesome giveaway!! Yeaya..
I'm glad that my effort to blog about it paid off and I got pick to win this! I mean.. who would want to miss the opportunity to join in the fun? Plus, I also get to have my own Talika's Vanity Trove! We, in front of Talika's in Isetan 1Utama. Thank you +Cindy Tong   for choosing me as the winner! I'm so happy that I get to go with her. She's friendly, so it's really easy for a shy girl like me to get along with her.
So, as we arrived at Gino Cafe near Talika'…

Fun Sunday Outing @ Big Chomp Burger story/ review/ everything else :)

Hello beauties!! Happy Sunday! Isn't it a nice day for an outing?
Look at the blue blue sky...Wish everyday was like this minus the hotness humid weather though...Recently, I had enter a giveaway by &
They held such a massive giveaway that I couldn't resist to give it a try...and well, I won...yeay!although it's only a mystery gift,  It was a lucky day for me because I am always unlucky with giveaway contest,but I guess it's changing:)

In order to claim my prize, I have to be in an awesome event that they are hosting today at Big Chomp Burger. It was a yummy yummy burger place! Big Chomp Burger is at No.39, Jalan SS15/8A,Subang Jaya, 47500, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia opening from 12pm to 12am you guys!! A little about Big Chomp Burger: the restaurant was quite small but soo's really welcoming and comfortable. You can see at every corner there would be a creative wall collage and stuff. The staff working …