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C-Jello the collagen jelly

Hello, just another quick post...I eksaited sangat nk share penemuan baru dalam kamus kecantikan I which is the C-Jello.
Dalam kehidupan yang busy gile nie I'm glad skin soul memahami keperluan wanita yang nk kekal cantik tp tak ada masa. Memang best dapat collagen dalam bentuk gula2. Boleh bawak pegi mane2..dalam kereta pun boleh terus makan sambil drive.
Nanti dah habis C-Jello I share review eh..
Salam Jumaat

{REVIEW} BeautyOat; The tasteful, must have Beauty drink collagen plus

Hello pretty awesome, it has been a while I know....forgive me for being too occupied with life..I miss blogging and definitely miss you girls. Thank you soo much for your time visiting our blog...Your presence makes us smile everyday...So please...keep on visiting and hit that comment button.. We really wanna know what you have in mind...
For those whom involved in beauty world, you might heard of BeautyOAT. Have you? or Have you not? If you's time for you to buy one...and if you haven' this post till finish and buy one too. This box of Beautyoat Collagen Plus+ Oat Drink Formula by Babeskin Three. Six. Five came to me about a month ago. And words cannot describe how happy and lucky I felt to be the few first people to have a taste on this. I can only say thank you so very much for sending me a box of this. As it arrived, the first I noticed is of course, the ever so cute pink packaging and it looks like a high quality packaging. I also love the overall desi…

{REVIEW} Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist

Hello pretty awesome! I've been reviewing this in the past and this time it's my second big bottle purchase because I truly think this is by far the best face mist I've ever use. You can click here for the first impression review. This is why I love this mist soo much! I would say my face is on the oily side. When I wear makeup for long hours, my face would get extremely shiny and weird but ya bearable. At first, I was buying this mist to try out. But I didn't use it everyday until one day I decided to give it a full on go. So, I started using this mainly as moisturizer, before and after makeup or even on naked face. And I also tried this on my extremely dry feet. I have to admit that even though it's only a mist, this is something essential for me recently. Instead of patting powder on face for top- up or fixer, I often use this and I could see that my complexion becomes smother and even makes my makeup look radiance and glowy mixing with this mist. The easy spra…

{REVIEW} Fairy Whitez: As white as snow and as beauty as the queen.

Hello pretty awesome! Past few months I've been reviewing Fairy Blossom. Yes, I've been raving about it on my post..Sadly few weeks after stopping those drinks, I find myself having hormonal imbalance as my pimples starts to pop up everywhere, especially during menses and at the chin area. Yikes! After that terrible experience, I stop taking any hormonal drinks and focuses on Collagen and Gluta content. In my understanding, both are significantly important as both helps in beautified skin. Hopefully.. 
This is Fairy Whitez made from Fairy Beauty line believes in Homeopathic Remedies mainly uses of natural ingredients.
Yes, I'm triggered to try Fairy Beauty as it promise 'Magical Results in 4 weeks! I'm also convinced that this drink is safe as all the accreditation that have been given.
FYI: Special Awards winner of the Beauty Supplements category in Cite Cosme Beauty Awards 2012/2013 organized by Beauty (女人我最大), Mina and ViVi magazines. If for Fairy Blossom I woul…

{REVIEW + SHARING} PART2: Ruby Aura Collagen Drink + Anaest nite

I guess some of you read my post from part 1 or some just skip part 1..whatever it is let me introduce you to Ruby Aura Radiant-Perfection Collagen Drink. This is what I take before my dinner day. And I think it works really great! What is Ruby Aura Radiant Perfection Collagen Drink? This drinks marries the power of eastern philosophy and western science, a unique 9x Golden Formula delivers a sublime, flawless and radiant feel in just 5 days. It might be too good to be true. But let me share you my past experiences at the end of this post.
This drink offers Brightening Effect x15Hydration Effect x27Anti- oxidant Effect x35  Because of all the ingredients inside this drinks, it promises effects that will wow consumer.
What's inside Ruby Aura? I love the idea of having Strawberry, Peach, Pomegranate, Grape, Tomato and Lemon in one drink! As everyone knows, Pomegranate is the best source of antioxidant other than tomato. I'm not a big fan of tomato though. At first, I thought this dri…