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{REVIEW} Hello sexay with 5 minutes Lipid Bomb Firming Mouse by Cathy

Hello hello sexy and pretty and awesome beauty nation! Just a random non- sponsor sharing day today. This is another product by Cathy. I just love Cathy product's packaging that's pretty and oh so sexay. You know I've been battling with fat all the time and yahhh I still do..Being an overweight person all my life is just something normal to deal with everyday. But hye..Just chill babe..Life's too short to be stress about appearance. I've slimmed down before and yet, it's so damn hard to maintained. I guess I'll just chill as for now.
 This is called, 5 minutes lipid bomb; an L-Carnitine Chilli Mousse. It's supposed to smooths the appearance of cellulite especially at the area of abdomen, hips, thighs, knees or arms. Fun fact: slim person also has cellulite ok and So, they're not perfect as well. Formulated in Korea, this hot mousse contains ingredients like Aqua, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium- PCA, Yeast Extract, Biosaccharide Zum- I, Hydroxypropyl Gua…

{REVIEW} Candy for your lips with CandyDoll

Hello pretty awesome! Omg omg omg! I'm pretty excited to share these super duper cute lippies by CANDYDOLL. Everyone has their own lips product preference. Some might be obsess with lip balm, some might choose just a simple lipstick or some may be into lip gloss. Personally I'm a lip stain person. I love lippies that could last longer especially after a meal. So when I receive this pretty looking lipgloss, I'm not soo excited to have it on, cause in my mind it wouldn't last longer. But hye! I'm really surprise with the outcome. It's so shiny and make my lips illusionly fuller. The lipgloss consistency is not like the usual lipgloss consistency. Doesn't felt so sticky and most important, the consistency is not so runny and watery.

Like I said, everybody has it own choice of lippies and turns out, this prettiest lipgloss is purposely created by Dakota Rose also known as Dakota Ostrenga, a well known internet sensation real life Barbie doll. Source
Dakota Rose …


Hello! I'm pretty excited cause in just few hours, Malaysia will be able to watch The Wedding Ringer in cinema nationwide! Thanks to Nuffnang, I got to see it first in Malaysia (spotted me on Nuffnang IG) . 
If you love movies like Horrible Bosses or Green Lantern or Hangover 1, 2, 3, I bet you'll love this times 10 more. Source
This movie is about an extremely socially awkward guy whom is getting married to a gorgeous hot girlfriend of his. Wanted to give his very best, he tried so hard to make the wedding as perfect as can be including having the best of the best man around. Turns out, finding seven true friend that could be his best man is too much to handle considering he didn't have any. Luckily for him, money is not a big deal and who knows, Wedding Ringer is available for hire!  Source And so, he met this guy named Jimmy, the best man of the best men that could ever be. With a price of course! Jimmy, the professional wedding ringer is played by Kevin Hart. I think K…