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{The Rainbow Cameo Project} Cheetah makeup look

Hello pretty awesome! Let's hear some cool song first There's a reason I'm putting the song up aside from this being my favorite song once. The lyrics to it are just ah-mazing and sweet sweet gitu...
You might already knew what I'm going to post about but did you know why? So, recently, my dear friend Syaza from bloobsblurbs approach me and 6 other beautiful, magnificent, gorgeous blogger to collaborate with her in a project called Rainbow Cameo.
Basically, it's a rainbow kind of 'beauty friendship post tag' that we have to do according to the colors of the rainbow.
of  course I would say yes to this, cause it's Rainbow (although there's no pink in rainbow)
The seven other bloggers that's joining me is Christine ( Izzah (  Syafiqah (  Mieza (  Josephine (  Mya (  Cindy (
Whose doing …