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hello my beautiful reader!
how is your weekend?

So as promise I will make a review after a month trying Perla Coffee.

so this me before perla.
this is me after perla.

will i continue? no! because too many pimple is too depressing for me,  some said, not everyone will get the same effect . maybe me and perla just cant go together. if u guys wan to try for urself. go ahead! i don't recommend it! but there's nothing wrong trying. hope u will get the best result happy trying!

not to forget, shout out for my dearest bestfriend,  Congrats on ur wedding!  Yanie & Husband <3

xoxo -Y

Endless Love

hello love! okey 1st thing 1st! a BIG BIG Thank You to nuffnang for the ticket! 
Endless Love is a story about a super pretty girl and a super hot boy.
in conclusion, super cute couple laaa kn!
teenage love is always the best. HAHAHA
since i am kinna a romantic person. kinna? so this kind of story is my fav!
actually all girls love LOVE story dont we?

"Guys watch too much porn. Those girls don't exist. They're not real girls, and that's like us watching romance movies. That's girl porn, because, like, those guys do not exist."- Miley Cyrus.

even miley cyrus think romance movie is porn for her.
that shows how much she love romance.
i love that she even said those kind of guys in the romance movie DO NOT EXIST!
coz they dont! there no such guy that is hot, sweet, lovable, smart and so on... no such GUY!
no! NO! NO!
*sorry over react*
 but if u love someone with all ur heart. nothing matter.

the Endless Love story is super super romantic. i love love love the mov…


Hello Beauties,  how's your day? Have you joined the Giveaway? 2more days to hurry up;)
Anyway, today is the day I review movie again..yes, bajet pengkritik filem la konon...Thanks to Nuffnang, yesterday it's movie date again..I'm excited to see this movie because it's related to Life of Pi movie..I love the movie Pi and the tiger as it was so significant to how's life really is...but let's not get carried away by telling you all this.
Similar to Life of Pi, The Book Thief is a story of a young girl named Liesel living life in the era where war is everything. The story started of with a narrator that I assume as death. Death took Liesel as the main character to his story. As the story evolve around Liesel, Death tells how she learn about death through life one by one from moment to moment.
Liseel is a young girl, shy, quiet but very enthusiastic. First death she encountered is the death of her little brother on their way to new adoption parents. As the…


Hello Beauties! It's February and yeah...I've been meaning to share with you girls what's inside the bag of Love for the first year of 2014.....but time and me are just two separate things that just don't get along...
Let's just move on...of course the theme are just something expected... Could you expect? It's New Year, New You Let's see if the theme suits with what they're put in the bag.. Just for fun...No, minion are not included. Totally something new in the bag, it's for guy. Bravo for the unexpected. Uber-men Whitening Hydra Gel Cleanser + Toner Effect. Honestly, I didn't even know the existence of this great cleanser! I mean guys are just lazy, smart act that makes company like Uber-men to invent such easy cleanser with toner. I don't think a female cleanser exist as easy as this one. It's Halal, it says that it's suppose to be gentle and mild with mixed fruit extracts, AA2G and Pure Aloe Vera. If it's mild and gentle? I gue…