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{Event & Review} Loreal White Perfect Total 10 Tea Party @ Chill X, 1Utama

Hello pretty awesome! We can't believe it's already pass a week of Ramadhan. How fast time flies. Just before Ramadhan, we had been invited by Cassie from Loreal for a tea party. Thanks Cassie! and it's not just a tea party, of course, it's the day we discovered Diana Danielle secret. Her skin doesn't need that much makeup and yet she looks stunning. We arrived a little bit late honestly because it's an unusual Saturday traffic jam. We can't figure out why it's too much jam that day.. Skipping the unimportant part, we safely arrived at Chill X, 1Utama.
Never knew there's a chill X spot there as well. We have to say that blogging is a way for us to experience new place same as knowing new beauty product in town. So ya, of course we gonna have fun. As we enter, there's a photo booth waiting for us. Well, camwhorring is our favorite pastime. Mira showing her skill on poses.  They held a photo contest on that day too. Since, it's a perfect 10 p…

{REVIEW} Egyptian Magic Cream + Mini Giveaway

Hello pretty & awesome! Happy Sabturday! How's your Ramadhan? ok? awesome?  Whatever it is, I really hope on this holy month, you girls would have the best time ever doing things you love doing or even if you don't, try to love it. Well, it all starts with you. We create our own destiny. and from today how bout seeing everything in positive way even if it hurts the most. You know, sometimes first impression can be wrong but first action can be the the first step in doing right. So let's act on doing it right shall we?
I'm just going to skip the introduction part of this Magic Cream and move on to the things that I'm amazed about it. Tell me if you ever find cream that have all the natural goodness of the world can offer and can be use for every inch of your body? Well, there isn't I supposed, until recently. You see, in one jar of Egyptian Magic Cream you'll find powerful ingredient that have known for years in improving skin condition. Even though it'…

{REVIEW} Cathy Doll L- Glutathione Magic Cream

Hello pretty awesome!
Another old but still famous product I would like to review today. I love Cathy Doll products especially because of it's packaging are just super cuteness. Cathy Doll was formulated in Korea and they were produce in Thailand. So last month I went to Krabi as you already know. I was surprise that not many Cathy Doll product were sold on the shelves. It's quite disappointing as I'm excited to find them in Thailand. Cathy Doll in Malaysia are easy to find online but they didn't sell Cathy Doll product like they're selling in Thailand. In Thailand, even in 7Eleven, you could see Cathy Doll products but not soo much too.
Back to my review, as I was searching for food in 7Eleven,Thailand, I found this Cathy Doll L- Glutathione magic cream. I always wanted to try it on. It was for only 99 Baht. Which is RM9.90. I regret not buying more. This 60mls tube would lasted you about a month. This cream is said to create a flawless beautiful skin. This cream…