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My Birdbird is cute!

Bonjour my reader!
Just a short post, i want to show off my freaking cute bird that kakak give to me.. Every colour has it own smell. Mine's smell like green apple. Ohh yaa it is actually a hand creme. And it is freaking cutee!!!!!!! Lovee it the minute i saw it.

Kakak give me the green one ONLY! But still so very grateful, Kasih kakak! Muahmuahhh! 
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Merci, au revoir.
Xoxo Y

As easy as Hisop ;)

Hi beauty bloggers,
This is my second entry!
You can definitely check up my first love Hishop entry
I'm soo excited as they offering 30 luckiest Hishop Beauty Ambassadors to have a chance to win a beauty box!!
So, beautiful Hishop Beauty Ambassadors, Let's make a fabulous Hishop entry!!.
My entry today, is mainly for beginners whom interested to shop in Hishop. You won't regret shopping there.

First step, go to

Click sign-up

Fill up field required. Including your addresses.
When filling up, make sure the information is correct.
It is easy as you only need to fill your address once time and when you've made purchase, it's already filled for you ;)

Do you know that Hishop offers you FREE DELIVERY for purchase above RM50? Yes it's true! and also are you from out of Malaysia? Don't worry, Hishop also offer INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY. Worried about undelivered package? You can also d…