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Makeup with me for Raya!

Hi peeps!
Have u decide on your makeup for tomorrow? Here mine makeup look for tomorrow!

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Selamat Hari Raya!

Makeup with me! [vid]

Hi peeps!

so.... i know. its has been a while since i post a video.  please don't hate me? i was supposedly release this video long timeee ago, i don't know why i didn't. but heyy yooo.
hope you love it?

Makeup with me [Vid]

Hi Peeps!
as promised, here the continuous vid from the skincare vid last saturday.

Are you OBSESS with OBSESS? Nuex Rosli x Syedewa Liquid Lipstick

Good Day!
Hi girls!
So... Are you Obsessed with OBSESS Cosmetics? coz if you do, you will for sure love the LIMITED Edition Nuex Rosli x Syedewa Liquid Lipstick!!!

NR- Nuex Rosli SD- Syedewa
If you guys don't know who is Nuex Rosli  and Syedewa, do u even love makeup? like seriously? 😆 okey kidding! Nuex Rosli and Syedewa is the current famous MakeUp Artist (MUA). who ever they touch, just look amazing! can they please makeup me? for free? i cannot afford you guysss. me is so sad!
Nuex Rosli & Syedewa personally pick the color. As Neux Rosli said he like colour that have colour, that is shown obviously that she is wearing one. but for Syedewa, he like it like Warda look, more natural. For me personally, i love them both and i'm sure u will love it too!
ohh wait if you love these two color, you will definitely the others too;

04- Lolipop 05- Nutella 02- Marshmallow  06- Bubblegum 
Here a short vid of me wearing all of it;

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Shizens - my VISAGE make-over. [Video]

Good Day!
Hi Peeps!

Here the link for you to read on the full product.

So as promised, i will post my own VISAGE makeover vid! so here it is;

Need you help! go to youtube and comment you guys came from my blog, i need to do a bit of research. please pretty please?
and ohh please forgive me on the bad quality and bad editing. editing is hard! 
Here the link for Shizens FB page to keep you update on the product!
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Thank you!
Bye love!

Introduction Shizens VISAGE Collection.

Good Day!
Hi Peeps!
If you followed me before, you know i have always love Shizens stuff. Shizens product is expensive, yes i believe everyone know that, but good thing don't come cheap right? I love their product because of the natural look it given for me and not to forget at the same time it help to treat my skin. I can go on and on how much i love their product but let me get to my point of writing today.
So i would like to introduce to you the new Shizens VISAGE Collection. The VISAGE Collection main focus is to bring your natural beauty by pampering your skin from inner to outer. VISAGE basically contain of Shizens skincare and makeup products to enhance your natural beauty effortless.
There are 9 product in this collection, 3 skincare and 6 makeup product. Today i will be more than happy to introduce to you one by one. Without further ado, let's begin!
1. Time Resistance Essence.(Skincare)

This is actually an anti-aging essence which help to keep your skin firm, toned,…

Contouring for newbie(me)

Good Day!
Hi peeps! so if you followed me on insta you definitely saw i post this picture, and if you look closely... you can see that my nose look like i just got my nose done right? coz honestly, im like any other pure malay that dont born with pointed nose. but its 2017 now, we got makeup to help us! since my 2017 resolution is to learn makeup like a pro, and i don't have a lot of it yet. so we have to get creative with whatever we have. 
Remember last time i posted a vid using this cute palette from Sephora;
So i am using the same palette, to be specific using the no 1 color to contour this not so pointed nose and this fat cheek. Don't worry about the strong color, that is why blending is very important. (speaking like a pro). Here a short vid of me doing my makeup, you can skip to the contouring part if you like too. Promise i won't take it  hardly. 😂


[WednesdayMakeup] Sephora Collection

Good Day!
Hi guys! Since tomorrow is Public Holiday! so Happy Holiday in advance!
Today will do a short review on this cute palette! This cute palette is called "hello lovely"
yes i am lovely! eh.
okey lets talk the obvious. this palette is super cute, it has 9 colours and did i mention it is super cute?
It is only RM48 at Sephora Starhills. The colours! don't u just love this kind of colours? coz i do!!! This is the kind of colour that you can wear for any occasion. 

Here the downside, i felt like some of the colour look really pretty at the palette but when you swatched, it just doesn't look like at the palette itself, and some the pigment is really sadly poor. As you can see there some colour that just does not shows. Its a bit disappointed, but hey chill laa girls, the packaging is really cute. 
Here second attempt swatches;
Still.... or is it just me too tan?  but hey i still love it! coz it too cute to not love it duhh.
You guys can also get it now! it is limi…

Makeup Vid is up!

Good Day!
Hi guys!
Sorry! I know i post really really late, super busy today, and editing... ohhhhh editing. now I understand. Dear all Youtuber, I truly respect your hard work.
Here the vid;

Hope you guys love it! please be nice, its my 1st time..
i guess that it for today.
See you tomorrow okey?
Kisses. YR

My everyday look

Good day!
Hi uollss!
Hows your new year?
Fun? Exhausting? Or just both?
I feel you babe.
I went for New Year at Cameron Highland. It was fun but seriously exhausting. Coming home with a sweet memories and a fever but yaa.. its all worth it.
Actually today i still having fever but last week i didn't post anything so i feel so bad... so i thought why not i make a short vid of my everyday look.

Fyi, i am truly noob in makeup-ing. new resolution 2017! Learn makeup! And get fit back!!
So here are the things i applied and the sequence; Oil (i have dry skin) cream 3. Sheer Tint Foundation  4. Compact powder 5. Eye liner 6. Mascara 7. Lip tattoo 
Okey goodnight for now. 
See you tomorrow i guess?
Kisses YR


Hi peeps! Happy Wednesday!  So today will be review on my current fav lip matte.
If you follow me on insta I mostly wear the darker shade (milk shake), like who doesn't love milk shake right? Hahahha
Since i have both I just wanna do review on both. 

i feel like i need to mention this, i got both of this from my best friend (yayah) which by the way, she single. pm tepi klau berminat. 
oh yaa this is not original, it is just Anastasia inspire.

this is the milkshake that i was talking about. 
i feel like it look good on me as you guys can see that im not very light kinna person, im chocolate-ish or i should say im really malay. hahaha (not being racist)
as the other color,  actually the color itself is very nice, but when it is put on me it will be like.... ergghh
and i have to add some other color to make it look nicer. actually the day i take this picture i very grumpy because of the color. grumpy grumpy pon nak tngkap gmbr kn.
ohh liyana dah tahu its not good on you why the hell…

Everyday Look i guess.

Hi peeps! Happy wednesday.

So today post will be a simple one, just felt like wanna share to you guyss my everyday kinna look. If you guys followed me on my instagram, you can see that i have this one look, my one and only look.(this is because i really sucks at makeup) but yaa wanna share my makeup routine. I will also list down to you guys the item 
For thise that not yet follw me at instagram, find me at @yanarusli or those that dont have instagram;
Here are my everyday look;

and yes my way of taking photo pon sama. =D

For those that used to full on makeup will be saying im not even wearing any makeup. 1st of all i really hope too. 2nd im not naturally beauty, i need beauty product to help me.
Here are my life-saver

you can see my last post i talked about these 2 product which i am super in love now. c20 help so much in repairing my skin and whitening my skin. and bio oil help in giving me that healthy looking skin whereby i really need it as my skin is very dry lately. i know i kn…

Birthday Althea tapi kte dpt hadiah #Altheaturns1

Hello, Assalammualaikum. Da bersarang blog agaknye since the last time I wrote. Well.. after becoming housewife I choose to fokus on being one kononnye laa..padahal xde mase nk blogging, nk kms rumah, nk keje, nk masak..hihi and tau2 je became idle in the blogging world. Insha Allah someday I might come back to do this and compiled all my life up (Please pray for me). Tapi buat masa sekarang, jemput2 lah follow IG @iqa_yana kalau nk reach me out.
Taknak bernostalgia arinie...Harinie amat special sbb nak buat birthday shout to Althea Korea!!
SAENG-il CHU-kah HAM-ni-dah,  SAENG-il CHU-kah HAM-ni-dah, SA-rang Ha-neun Altheaaaaaaaaa SAENG-il CHU-kah HAM-ni-dah
Betul x I nyanyi tuh? Kalau salah pejam mate eh...copy paste je tu..
So anyway, since it's Althea birthday, diorg nk celebrate their special day with uolls. One thing great about Althea is that bile korang pegi their website, korang akan rambang mata sbb banyak makeup kawaii gile mostly dari Korea. And Korea ni famous for their flawl…

Easy and safe Skinsoul makeup removal wipes in just a swipe

Pernah x korang merasa bertapa peritnye nk remove makeup time travel especially kalau semua bende lupa bawak? I pernah merasai sakit hatinya nk remove makeup tp pakai air je...dahlah kene tonyoh kuat2 part eyeliner mata...pastu xjugak bersih2...
Sebenarnya ikutkn, part mata tu tempat haram tau untuk tonyoh2...sbb lama2 dia akan buat kulit kita berkedut...I baru tau je fakta ni...dr sekolah dok pakai eyeliner cuci dgn air dan kuasa tonyohan je...patutla tengok mata sendiri sekarang serupa panda bear.
Tapi bila dah tau tak boleh buat camtu I akan sentiasa guna makeup removal nak buang makeup.cuma..time balik keje malam atau travel tu sifat malas plus mengantuk plus lupa melanda diri tu habis semua pantang larang I langgar..kadang2 pakai main tido je dengan makeup seinci tu...nasib baik belum kahwin...nnti apela kate suami kalau nmpk I tido dgn makeup tebal tuh...
Bagi yang mempunyai masalah2 macam I. I nak syorkan try SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes. I pun actually baru nak menge…

Face Luxe Brush By Breena Beauty; Berus makeup eksklusif Sabrina Tajudin

Hello! Macam mana persiapan bulan puasa korang? Bestnya bagi sesiapa yang ada peluang cuti dan berbuka dengan keluarga lepastu dapat pergi solat tarawih dengan senang hati. I kerja je time tu...sob.. sob.. tapi tak apalah...tu lah lumrah kerja jururawat...Masa tak tentu... Taknak cerita sedih- sedih dah...Nak kenalkan uolls kepada berus makeup yang tersangatlah cantik by Breena Beauty! Kalau tengok gambar diatas mesti dah rasa teruja kan...memang berus dia sangat lembut. And of course, the quality is at top notch. Sekali pandang, never imagine that this is a local brand. Oh yes! better believe it, I memang bangga sangat dengan kejayaan the founder of Breena Beauty in making this brush a tough competitor to the luxurious brand. Mana taknya, tengok sekali je dah tergoda dengan warna putih dan rose gold berus tersebut.
Memang betul, looks can be deceiving, but trust me, the brush quality is a good as it looks. Bulu sintetik berbentuk dom yang teramat lembut sesuai untuk aplikasi makeup …