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Hijab Style for the insecure people travelling

Alhamdulillah..masuk bulan 11 ni baru life tu teratur sikit lepas kahwin. Mula2 kawin rasa serabut kepala sampai sekarang pun still terumbang ambing tapi at least dah makin biasa dengan life as a wife. But life as a blogger maybe dah makin jauh ketinggalan. Nak honeymoon pun takde masa sebab management kerja memang menyedihkan. Lepas majlis cuti sehari je. sob sob..So, I mampu pegi Cameron jek ngan suami. Dahlah time jerebu. Nampak kabus and hidu asap jek. Yang penting I dapat jugak merasa kemanisan honeymoon tuh. So anyway...I nak share my experience as a Hijab person and being insecure as I was, I memang pastikan semua benda nak hangkut pergi travel. But over time, I learnt that less is more sebenarnya..janji kite pandai planning nak bawak apa. Eventhough we've been dating for soo long, travelling is not our forte. Even Genting pun tak jejak bersama. So after married, suami jadi a bit shocked seeing me pack so many things for a day trip (itupun lepas dah kurangkan banyak brg:p)…

{TOP 5 tips and items} The OCD traveller in me

"The world is a book,  and those who do not travel read only a page"
Saint Augustine
Hello! Today I'm back with more top 5 of mine. Anyone who knew me, mesti dah tau yang I'm an insane online shopper. Tapi tu dulu, sekarang I'm saving up for my big day. After all, shopping is not a necessity but Shopping is entertainment. Anyway, today post I feel like sharing travelling tips although I tak banyak travel, wish I could though... tapi cuti susah, duit tak cukup. Maybe someday I would be one of those backpackers people. Reality is, I'm an OCD person when it comes to travelling. I hate forgetting to bring something or having to live without thing I would need. Hence, here's a list of top 5 things I think everyone should bring when travelling. BTW, I nak introduce one more great shopping website yang sounds really like another country which is called Rakuten. Memang sounds different pun cause it's actually a Japanese words meaning optimism. I'm embracing …

{REVIEW} Super comfy contact lens from Supermodels Secrets & Safety tips

Hello pretty awesome! I'm going to post a Raya entry soon! Yay or nay? I'm gonna share with you girls another secret of mine for big dolly eyes!
I have talked about contact lens before and that was high end brand. You may expect a little bit expensive lens if you shop there. Frankly, I'm scared of super cheap contact lens cause I heard many bad tragedy happen to random people. Before that, I don't care much about it. I even wore pasar malam cheap lens brand. Not to say all pasar malam brand can't be trusted. It's just that you have to be smart in choosing the right one. I say it once and again. Beauty does not mean you have to suffer.
Thanks to Supermodels Secrets, I found new favorite contact lens.  They are just adorable super sweet shop I ever known.
As claimed by SS, they are 100% originally from Korea and you can expect cute dolly eyes wearing them. Mine is in grey. They have quite few colored lens that you can choose from and plenty of pow…

Trip to Krabi -Aonang, Thailand Part 2.

Hello pretty Ohsom! Assalammualaikum... Mula- mula planning nak buat satu part dah macam panjang sangat...jadi tertubuhlah part 2. Sebenarnya ikut planning, memandangkan tak pakai tourist guide, nak pergi Island hoping. Tapi mak abah tak larat. Jadi, instead of jalan- jalan kat pantai, kami banyak habiskan masa shopping kat darat. Harga barang kat Thailand ni macam sy mention, lebih kurang je dengan Malaysia. Tapi jadi jakun skit la sebab lain barangnye dengan Malaysia. Haaa nia air milo Thailand. Hehe Harga dia 250 baht. Mahal dari kite skit kan. Rasa pun lain macam skit. Lagi sedap Malaysia punye. 
Sampai- sampai hotel kami berehat dulu sebab da terlalu penat. Satu hari habis dalam kereta je. Lepas Magrib baru kami keluar balik. Beza masa Malaysia dan Thailand adalah satu jam. So kat sane 6.30pm dah Magrib dan dah gelap.
Disebabkan terlalu penat, malam tu kami sempat pergi warung makan, singgah 7Eleven pastu balik hotel. Ni lah warung nya. Sebenarnya kat Ao Nang ni banyak k…