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{Review} Secret Lash handmade eyelashes; fake lashes that doesn't seems fake

Hello pretty awesome! If you noticed from previous makeover post, I have used this lashes quite often. I'll tell you why I love the lashes to bits later on.
In the cutest pink box, there was my newly found love eyelashes, the Secret Lash clear base Natural False Eye Lashes. Honestly, I'm a total failure when it comes to applying false lashes. I don't know why this makes the different. But it really does feel easier to put on compared to the non- handmade one. And if you compared, you can detect right away which false lase seems obviously fake.
The first time that test it on my lid, I already felt comfortable. Wearing other false lashes would be almost like putting on weight on the lid and it's heavy and stiff and cause so much discomfort. Unlike other false lashes, this came in brown which I find hard to find in the market too. It's really soft and super comfy to wear. The lashes also soft and fits well on my eyes. I also love that it's easily sticks on lid. I…

{Makeover & Review} 20 Color eye shadows makeup palette; Rock edgy look

Hello pretty awesome! So it's another makeover series here at And now it's turn for another one of my best friend to be conteng2 by me. This time, I'm going for extreme rock look. Her face is quite soft and cute and her skin is flawless. Hence, I decided to give her a little edge rocker girl look. The palette I'm using was the 20 color eye shadows which is all shimmers and very bright vibrant color. 
If you ask me, I'll say this is the palette if you're someone that loves the night life. This palette has every color to suits your wardrobe from Yellow tone to edgy black. Either you're going to a concert, going as a performer and then dinner. It can all be done with this palette.
For my friend's look, I choose purple tone and a bit of orange for eyes and red lips. This palette definitely can add that sexiness to your look. Like previous palette, I love the long lasting effect. It's superb pigmented and really vibrant. Of course, w…

{REVIEW} BeautyOat; The tasteful, must have Beauty drink collagen plus

Hello pretty awesome, it has been a while I know....forgive me for being too occupied with life..I miss blogging and definitely miss you girls. Thank you soo much for your time visiting our blog...Your presence makes us smile everyday...So please...keep on visiting and hit that comment button.. We really wanna know what you have in mind...
For those whom involved in beauty world, you might heard of BeautyOAT. Have you? or Have you not? If you's time for you to buy one...and if you haven' this post till finish and buy one too. This box of Beautyoat Collagen Plus+ Oat Drink Formula by Babeskin Three. Six. Five came to me about a month ago. And words cannot describe how happy and lucky I felt to be the few first people to have a taste on this. I can only say thank you so very much for sending me a box of this. As it arrived, the first I noticed is of course, the ever so cute pink packaging and it looks like a high quality packaging. I also love the overall desi…