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Kiehl's Fun in the sun at Secret Garden, One Utama + Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil- free range

Hello Hello pretty awesome! I know I'm a bit late on this but I have to use time to test it out. However, let's skip that review part first because I'm dying to share my day. Remember my Kiehl's entry? How I said I love to try organic all natural product. Oh my oh my...that day was the best! Kiehl's together with The Butterfly Project always had something impressive to show off so they decide to do this Fun in the sun event somewhere magical called Secret Garden at One Utama. I never knew there's a garden on the roof of One Utama. It was so nice feeling back to nature with all the cactus and waterfall.You gotta admit that nowadays, it's pretty hot and humid. So this is the most right time for me to have my own Kiehl's gel cream. Like I mentioned, the skeleton has always been the mascot for Kiehl's. After the warm welcome from the gorgeous doctors of Kiehl's we are in for the time of our life of course! source
The representative of Kiehl's wa…

Fun in the sun with Kiehl's

Hello pretty awesome! Yes, you've read what's it's all about! For the longest time I wanted to try some Kiehl's. The first time I got curious of Kiehl's is when I went by the shop and saw that skeleton hanging around there. It's like the coolest shop ever to have skeleton hanging around yet it's a beauty shop. So after that FIRST TIME, I went home and search what's this Kiehl's all about. Boy, I was amazed to know that Kiehl's had been making names since 160 years ago. You could imagine how good it would be to have lasted for over century. Started of with being just a pharmacy, they develop their own brand and mark history as the best natural brand.
All over the world they travel and Malaysia is one of it. I'm pretty excited to be part of Kiehl's history as they's going to share the secret behind their hip Ultra Facial Oil- free gel cream soon. Words can't even describe the feeling I had, knowing that I had the chance to know th…