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Havaianas Summer Kit

Hello pretty awesome beauties!
Have you heard of Havaianas? Havaianas was born in 1962, yes, way older than I am! The birth of this classy rice pattern foot -bed of all Havaianas was inspired by a common Japanese sandals called Zori.
Zori, in Japanese culture, is a rice straw sandal made to be worn with traditional clothing like Kimono. Taking the traditional theme on board, Havaianas have grown over years starting from Brazil and all over the world.
What better way to kick start summer with Havaianas you ask? Summer is all about the beach, sun tanning and bikinis..Well, maybe not in Malaysia...but that pretty much sums up Summer. This year, Havaianas takes usual boring flip flops to a whole new evolving level in their Summer Kit Collectible. and what better way to show off summer with pin - up girl.
Even though I'm not a dude, pin- up girls often trigger me in a way, not that way!. How they look sexy in a most poise way like Monroe and Hepburn. To be exact, Havaianas greatly and…