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Benefit Cosmetics Workshop with Jasmine: They're Real Push- up Liner: Liner Mata yang best untuk yang tak reti makeup

Hello pretty awesome! Best tak title post kte? Last Friday, thanks to my dearest blogger friend, I was able to attend Makeup Workshop by Benefit. FYI: Most makeup workshop doesn't require you girls to be a blogger to attend the workshop. All you have to do is be alert and  'rajin' to discover about it. Apparently, this workshop was announced on their IG and my friend Putri was quick enough to grab a seat. 
And I'm soo glad that she's a true friend for inviting me to have fun with her. And when I heard it's Benefit, I would just say Yes without pause and without but. To me, Benefit is like a bit of high end brand that I could barely afford and my ultimate favorite especially in terms of packaging. How could I say no?
Even the boutique is too cute for me to resist. From afar you could see the pink cotton candy layout that makes you feel like being in amusement park full of makeups. See my previous post on Benefits boutique.
That was like my dream store. As for t…

walking is good for u

hai beauty! do you know that not only hundred of expensive skincare can make u look radiance? by walking or running also can! and it is free! and its also can tone up ur body! BONUS BONUS!

how much do u invest for ur body?  the body that u gonna use for ur entire life?
Go for regular morning walks. Your skin will get its daily dose of fresh oxygen, and exercise also promotes good health and healthy skin in many ways.
walk or run for only 30 minute can give u :
It reduces your risk of dying from heart disease or strokeIt lowers your risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, colon cancer, and diabetesIt lowers high blood pressure (hypertension)It protects against falling and bone fractures in older adultsIt may help protect against certain types of cancer, such as breast cancerIt increases the number of calories your body uses, which helps to control your weight (see BMI Calculator to find your ideal weight)It helps control joint swelling and pain from arthritis.

Regular physic…

Get ready for Benefit Holiday Collection 13 with Butterflies

Hello Beauties...It's been a while...I know..So let's just get to the point of this post! Did you remember that I've uploaded few photos from Benefit Starhill?, I'm going to tell you all about it...and post are always gonna be with lots of pics...I love to treat my blog as a place where I shared every pictures I have...I used to do a lot of scrap-booking...I even had volume 2 for it...but since work, scrap- booking seems like just something hard to takes a lot of times and effort actually..same as blogging....

Picture credited to Benefit Malaysia FB
Ya...the pictures above pretty much sums it all...It was pretty, pink  and party!! I honestly was so happy that I can't even sleep the night before..It was always my dream to be in Benefit, trying all the products and have fun with ma girls...Thanks Benefit and Butterfly Project Malaysia for making my dream come true...

Enough about me..Let's move on to the main agenda...Benefit Cosmetic …