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{REVIEW} Beauty Talk; Be White Double Cleansing Gel works as cleanser and makeup remover! See to believe it.

Hello pretty awesome! I'm proud to present to you girls a product from Taiwan called Beauty Talk. Thanks to, I have the chance to have a glimpse of what Beauty Talk all about. And I have to admit that I'm shockingly impressed with the overcome finding. Getting to know the product, I'm quite regret that I turn down on the opportunity to work directly with Beauty Talk when I had the chance to. Honestly, I would say yes if I knew before that it was this good. But, long story, short, I couldn't just bite off more than I can chew. I hate doing task if it's not done properly. Sometimes I think I got OCD issues too much. Being perfectionist that I think I am, it really sucks sometimes.
Enough on the side notes, here's a product that is perfect on it's own. 

This Beauty Talk Double Cleansing Gel is from the Be' White Series, a remarkable new series, which protect against melanin production during the day while protect and condition the skin at night…

{REVIEW} Much Cheaper alternative to Cleansing machine; Secret Key Soft Pore Brush

Hello pretty awesome.. Ya.. I know it's been a while...working 4 straight night shift makes me a walking zombie. I can't even do things properly anymore. The life of being a nurse is tough when you're working in a place where you don't really get appreciated. Betul, kadang- kadang rasa fed up dengan load kerja yang melampau. Berblogging nie la cara nk release tension. 
Balik rumah, tengok barang bertimbun untuk review kadang- kadang letih jugak..but playing with beauty stuff is some kind of therapy to my soul other than sleeping of course. Previously, I've been sharing my favorite cleansing machine which are cheaper alternative to Mia . Tau x Mia tu ape? Cube la korang google..idaman setiap beauty blogger kot nk own Mia... Harga dia ja dah separuh harga I- Phone, I xmampu la jawabnye... Thanks to Supermodels Secrets dapat jugakla realisasikan impian by buying cheaper version of Mia..Olay Pro- X kte yg kte sayangi tu..
But I've heard some telling me that Olay P…

Another Unboxing and it's MIVVA turn;) my first impression

Hi, hello and good night Beauties:) I'm sorry if I bored you with another unboxing post..What can I say? I love unboxing! and did you heard that Beau Box is coming to town? Yeay! another mystery of unboxing for me to solve. Currently, I've only tried every beauty box once except for two particular beauty bag. One because, it's my favorite and another one because it's the cheapest and valuable in town. Can you guess which?

MIVVA is quite limited and hard to get I supposed...It's vibe is similar to Lilac in my opinion...Really mysterious, premium and limited. But looks can be deceiving. Let me tell you what I think about MIVVA at the end of my post;)
This month MIVVA came up with the theme,

BFF SLEEPOVER KIT! Obviously you could guess what's should be inside right?
The first item that is my only favorite would be this one
It's an ANTIPODES JOYFUL HAND AND BODY CREAM. in sample size. For 120mls it values at RM149. I totally love love love the smells! Really ca…

The Wonderbox OCT Beauty Box UNBOXING/ First impression

Hello beauties!Have your days been wonderful??

Today, I've decided to do another unboxing...Let see...
I had tried..Bag of Love, Natta Cosme, Cosmobox, Modbox, The Lilac Box and now it's turn for Wonderbox. and I'm also planning to try out the most anticipated beauty box by all Vanity trove and Mivva soon. and next planning to do a comparison post versus to versus beauty box post. Hopefully soon...because I just love love beauty surprises.

So now, introducing, the Wonderbox
I love the box and overall packaging, the delivery, is average phase but the service respond are quite excellence. They came with a card like above and stated brief info on all the items we'll be getting. Sadly, no price stated on the card.
It is slightly customized based on our beauty profile which to me is somehow great but not as great because sometimes I love to try things that out of my beauty comfort. The one obvious disappointment to me is that there's no makeup at all...and most products…

Shopping for a Supermodel's Secret?

Hello beauties!! This is just another short post which I'm excited to post about!!

Ever dream of having a beauty gadget that limitedly available in your place especially Malaysia or too lazy and have no time to search for hottest beauties supplies YET price worthy guaranteed??

Today, I would like to tell you a secret....well not really...because this online shop are soo popular that it's not a secret anymore to be elegant like a supermodel!!

Meet the founder of this secret shop..Isn't she beautiful? She's definitely what defines beauty inside out! You have to read her story here!

She's very humble and experiences a lot of hardship and through that, she become stronger ,she's really inspiring! and with that,
Do visit and like and follow! Wha…

I had a Blind date with Lilac Beauty Box October 2013! Love the Yes! Nurse? Hand Cream review!

Hello & Salam Beauties:) I'm wishing all Selamat Hari Raya, may everyday of our life full with happiness. I felt blessed since being a blogger, as you work hard to write a good post and somehow I felt rewarded for each of my sincere writing... Thanks a lot lot lot for reading, commenting and following or just visiting my blog. It's such a wonderful feelings to know each and everyone that I came to know out of blogging. It 's such a fun ride and I'm wishing to continue blogging till I couldn't type anymore :)..

First of all I'm congratulating JUNE M!! for winning in Hishop Mask Giveaway!!

I just love love surprises! and one of it would be the thrill of receiving and unboxing a beauty box! I have tried Bag of Love, Cosmobox, Modbox and Natta Cosme beauty bag. and Now, it is the turn for my special blind date with

Even their introductions make you excited about having a blind date!

'Oh, did we mention we put only premium products…