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{REVIEW + SHARING} PART1: Ruby Aura Collagen Drink + Anaest nite

Hello Beauties! Are you ready for my today post? Yes, I decide to tell you about my day and review a product from it's related ^-^
Basically on 22nd Feb, my working dept had dinner called anaest nite and the theme was Nightmare and Fairy-tale. I love themed dinner because you can play dress-up!Where else you would wear bizarre costume other than dinner like this and also cosplay event? Last year I dress up bollywood style...and this year, I'm red riding hood, basically i try to be in between the whole fairytale and nightmare character.
The gown I wore was bought somewhere around 2008 for my graduation night. Keeping in mind that I don't wear gown that often, I decided to buy this gown that I found in a bundle shop. Yes, it's only for RM20. 5bucks! It was actually short dress, so I decided to add length by using net cloth and some red cloth. And make my own red hood. It was super easy to make the hood. And the bakul was borrowed from my mom's ki…