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{REVIEW} Life food by Fairy Beauty A way to a healthy body

Hello pretty awesome! How's your May? I think May is the best. There's nurses day, mother's day, teacher's day and all the wonderful day. Today is the day I share you a secret to a healthier you. Being healthy is not all about being skinny but to be healthy as well. Believe it or not, cholesterol don't just choose fat people to live on but they attack anyone they desire. Introducing another brilliant innovation by Fairy Beauty called LifeFood by Fairy Beauty.
Let me share you a story of my way to slim down. I once and still am a quite chubby girl, when I was fifteen, I decided to slim down by working out. Every morning I would go out and jog for 1hour and do 100 sit-ups a day. I would eat nothing but maggi mee and plain water. For 3months I have consistently been doing that routine and the most frustrating part was that my weight did'nt budge even a bit. I began to wonder what I did wrong. A great fitnees guru told me that in slimming down, nutrition needs to …

Fun in the sun with Kiehl's

Hello pretty awesome! Yes, you've read what's it's all about! For the longest time I wanted to try some Kiehl's. The first time I got curious of Kiehl's is when I went by the shop and saw that skeleton hanging around there. It's like the coolest shop ever to have skeleton hanging around yet it's a beauty shop. So after that FIRST TIME, I went home and search what's this Kiehl's all about. Boy, I was amazed to know that Kiehl's had been making names since 160 years ago. You could imagine how good it would be to have lasted for over century. Started of with being just a pharmacy, they develop their own brand and mark history as the best natural brand.
All over the world they travel and Malaysia is one of it. I'm pretty excited to be part of Kiehl's history as they's going to share the secret behind their hip Ultra Facial Oil- free gel cream soon. Words can't even describe the feeling I had, knowing that I had the chance to know th…

Massive Monday Makeup May Haul

Hello pretty awesome! Happy Monday^-^ Because I'm about to do the four M haul!! get it? Having Monday Blues is too mainstream, so how bout having Monday pink or yellow perhaps?Enough of lame jokes. It has been a long time since I did any haul. Like I said, I've been trying to save up cash for my big day which has not been decide when yet..but hopefully soon...please pray for mua.. 
 Some of you that have been following me on Instagram might know what I'm about to show you girls...But let's put that thought on hold and join in my virtual vanity tour. Since owning my new stash of makeup, I've decided to get organize and sorted out my makeup stuff by it's 'appropriate' category. And tadaa, this is what I ended with. Sigh** I try my very best to make it look neat. But still, it's too much to handle.. As you can see, I have the eyes section there, face section here and bla bla over there...Still it looks messy! Any idea for this messy makeup mayhem? Do …

Segmen Blogging + Menang Hadiah!

Salam 1 Malaysia. Segmen terbaru kini dilancarkan! Tujuan segmen ini diadakan untuk beramah mesra sesama blogger. Yang tak kenal, kini boleh berkenal-kenalan. Menambah rakan maya. Yang bestnya segmen ini menyediakan hadiah menarik buat pemenang bertuah!
HADIAH: USB Flash Drive/Pendrive 8GB Jewellery Fashion 1 set Novel T-Shirt Fridge magnet Keychain
Segmen Blogging + Menang Hadiah! anjuran dan tajaan Yumida
TAMAT: 29 MEI 2014 – Jam 11.59 malam

Segmen : Cari Followers Mei! @ GogGeous Lover

Salam, Hari nie rasa mcm nk santai2...jom tambah follower and follow blog link nie...
Klik banner ye^-^

{REVIEW} Kokuryu Super Summer Cake a.k.a Bedak Arab

Hello Pretty Awesome!

I know this product has been in the market for quite some time especially in Malaysia. They would call this Bedak Arab or the actual name is Kokuryu Super Summer Cake. I don't even sure why does people call this 'Bedak Arab'  when it's clearly made in Tokyo, Japan. Skipping all the unrelated question. I had a friend that really adore this powder. Hence, out of curiosity, I wanted to try myself. Many rave about this product. So is it really good or just the talk?
Like all summer cake, they would include the sponge. As for this 'bedak arab', the sponge are separated from the casing. The sponge are a bit different than the normal powder sponge. They called it beauty sponge. It is suppose to be wash every single use which is quite troublesome for me. So, I decided to use my own foundation brush.
Yes, as you can see, it's guaranteed Halal, so for those who really takes Halal Cosmetic seriously, this summer cake is perfect for you. And if y…