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Vouchers to be beautified inside out with Worthy Book

Wow! It's a new set record for the longest time I haven't post any blog entry. Just to let you know I'm still here but  going to be slowing down on blogging and focus on being married. I don't know...It just too much to think of and focus on. Juggling between work, blogging and planning for the big day is so exhausting. I might just be revamping my blog post marriage to a more non beauty blogging entry. We'll see!
As for now, I wanna say thanks to Worthy Book for the wonderful invitation on reviewing their Ladies Edition 2014/ 2015 Worthy Book! It's just perfect timing since I'm getting married, I need all the spas I can get !
What is a Worthy Book? you may ask. It's simply a book with over RM11 THOUSANDS FREEBIES AND DISCOUNTS VOUCHERS. In Ladies edition, you'll get exclusive vouchers to the most exquisite experiences for fashion and all beauty .
They have categories of clothes, bags, shoes, bust care, eyebrow, eyecare, manicure, pedicure, o…