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{Review} Secret Lash handmade eyelashes; fake lashes that doesn't seems fake

Hello pretty awesome! If you noticed from previous makeover post, I have used this lashes quite often. I'll tell you why I love the lashes to bits later on.
In the cutest pink box, there was my newly found love eyelashes, the Secret Lash clear base Natural False Eye Lashes. Honestly, I'm a total failure when it comes to applying false lashes. I don't know why this makes the different. But it really does feel easier to put on compared to the non- handmade one. And if you compared, you can detect right away which false lase seems obviously fake.
The first time that test it on my lid, I already felt comfortable. Wearing other false lashes would be almost like putting on weight on the lid and it's heavy and stiff and cause so much discomfort. Unlike other false lashes, this came in brown which I find hard to find in the market too. It's really soft and super comfy to wear. The lashes also soft and fits well on my eyes. I also love that it's easily sticks on lid. I…