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{RECIPE} Appam polka dot for amateur

Hello pretty awesome! How have you been? Have you tried the crepe recipe? easy enough right? Today is another recipe day...You know recently I've been trying a lot of easy dessert so hope it's not bothering you that I share it out, promised I'll be posting beauty related stuff soon.

I wanted to try appam polkadot because it's super cute. It's really suitable for fun party as a deco and of course you can eat it... To me, it's not that super yummy dessert but it's cute! so you can't argue with that.

Here's what you'll need, 140 gm plain flour1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder110 gm fine sugar75 mls fresh milk 2 eggs1 teaspoon of ovalette1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essenceFilling as desiredFood coloring30 pcs of baking cups 1.Started of by placing baking cup in a mould, this is to prevent the batter from spreading outwards during steam process. 2. Beat eggs and sugar until fluffy. 3. Add plain flour with baking powder (that are sifted together) and fresh milk …

Super Easy Sour Cream Choc Cupcake and baking tips.

Hello beautiful people:)

Today is a quick share day for all the sweet tooth out there. I'm always a sweet tooth kind of person. Love chocolate especially the dark ones. My other favorite things to love aside from makeup is always baking.
When you able to bake something delicious and beautiful to be look at and eat, it's kind of satisfaction especially sharing the moment with your loves one.
Yesterday, I decided to try out  a recipe which I found on this website : Sour Cream Chocolate Cupcakes

Basically , the recipes on the website are the same , I just add a little bit of chocolate chip to it.  and I decided to make it in a simpler form so it is easy for you girls to follow if you ever wanted to try this recipe out. I really really recommending this if you're in a hurry to make one and wanted a super moist, creamy chocolaty cupcake or you're just an amateur baker like me :) Along with these I'll be sharing few tips that I learn through expe…

Jalan2 JALAN TAR & pre RAYA

Mayb entry nie a little bit too late tp...xkesa..nk jugk cite...sibuk sngt...Shopping raya kali nie dan da berkali2, ofcos la ke Jalan TAR..biarpun puase, biarpun sesak, xpernah sunyi Jalan TAR nie mejelang raya...Jalan TAR atau name penuhnye Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman atau dulunye dikenali sebagai batu road ni da sngt femes da diklgan org Malaysia khususnye org KL...xpastila kalao ad yg xpena jejak kat sini...Jalan TAR same jugk dgn baazar2 lain tp kesibukkan die luar biase...mungkin kerane kedudkannye ditgah2 kotaraya...dn berdekatan dgn pengangkutan awam,chow kit road, dataran Merdeka, Sogo, KLCC, Aquaria (jauh skit la...) tp still ditengah2 bandar..Mane x sesak nye... Bile pegi tmpt yg sesak mcmnie..adalah baik jike kite limitkn membawa brg2 berharga dn duit yg bnyk..walaupun niat mmg nk shopping...
So hasilnye..iqa bli brg under puas ati...
Then penat shop cpt2 blk bwat cookies for raya...stiap taun penah miss this cookies cuz simple but nice...xjemu mkn...anyway, iqa …