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{EVENT} XES- Official Footwear of Miss Global International Malaysia 2014

Hello my beautiful readers! how is it going?  good? fine? great? wonderful! so... on the 13 of August 2014 in collaboration of XES Shoes as the OFFICIAL FOOTWEAR of Miss Global International Malaysia 2014 XES team brings the beautiful 19 finalist to the Grand premium Boutique at  No.13, Jalan Juruaudit U1/37,  Hicom-Glenmarie Industrial Estate,  Selangor Darul Ehsan
and we just super lucky to get to meet the 19 beautiful finalist!
all of them are super friendly,  but because i was all alone and super shy taking picture with them is just hurm......
but taking picture with Sabrina is a must! she just always look pretty no matter what. i did also manage to selfie with Sabrina assistant Lina, she is super friendly, and i am super shy. but she manage to get me feel comfortable with her.  the last time, we went to XES Grand Premium Boutique we get to see the Summer collection  but today, i got my hand on my love at 1st sight bag! i am officially a happy girl! the bag are just super pretty. and …

The Student Life

hai awesome people! so today feeling like wanted to post my daily routine. by "my" i mean Y only. so this entry will be mostly about me. u may continue reading this entry if u like to know about me,
many people confuse me with my sister, maybe this entry can help u to get to know me more.

so my name is Yana Rusli i am student at KPTM, KL im taking  Dip.Teaching English As a Second Language this is my last year. next semester i will going to practical.
so what do i do everyday? Monday to Friday i will be at my rent house which is more near with my college.
it will be pretty much like this:



and repeat
and my WEEKEND will be like:

FamilyFIE & SelFIE

Till we meet again! TATA XOXO -Y

{UPDATE} My beautiful Raya journal *Bahasa & English too

Hello pretty awesome!  As-salamu alaykum :) Macam mana raya anda? Best tak? Ok sebelum korang terjebak dengan membaca entry nie baik stop kalau rasa2 xsuka baca novel..Sebab kali nie memang nak buat blog macam dairi peribadi so, expect it to be long and banyak melalut ke laut. And less beauty more Raya related stuff. Source
I'm not sure if you can relate. But I think I'm getting sick and tired of my job. Not because of work mainly..but because of the way we've been treated by the superior. I never whine about my job but recently it has becoming a lot more stressful when your boss treated you like a kid. And I'm not talking about personal issues but she had been treated everyone awfully. Don't get me wrong, I love my job.. Although it's not the most glamorous job ever.. I learn new things everyday and I just love interacting with people. Source One thing to be clear, most would placed nurses as the worst person ever. Need to remind you that we're individual. N…