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{Makeover edition & REVIEW} 88 Color warm makeup palette; You can never go wrong

Hello pretty awesome! How's your day? Hope everything going exactly as you plan. I know it's frustrating sometimes when nothing going as you've planned..but hye, cheer up and just chill. Thing won't go in progress when you kept on forcing and hitting that button. Suddenly nak berfalsafah la pulak..
If you've seen and follow my Instagram, I've posted few makeup item to play with. I figured, what's playing without few friends aight? Hence, me and my best friends had a sleepover slash makeover session. I'm pretty excited to do makeover of my particular friend, Nasrah cause she never wore makeup her whole life. Well, excluded application of some face powder. I know apart from me being crazy with makeup, not all girls are into what I'm into. But surely every girl loves makeup. I just don't understands when guys says we're beautiful without it. We know we are but we love to be seen proper and well trimmed as how you do your hair. This is how we d…