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{REVIEW} Sam's Picks; Real Techniques at Mesmerizeonline

Hello pretty awesome! Today would be another awesome brush review. Tried Cerro Qreen, CCM and now, it's Real Techniques.
I always wanted Real Techniques from Samantha Chapman for long time. And only now that I get to have one. All the beautician have been raving about this brushes. So I  just gotta have one. I bought at first from iHerbs but sadly, it never came until recently. But then I found a great website called Mesmerize.
This website is Malaysia based. Most items from US can be found here.ELF, MUA and more! I'll be sharing about it later. Before I went deeper on the brushes. Let me share with you, who's Samantha Chapman? Samantha Chapman, is a freelance makeup artist. She started a channel on Youtube called Pixiwoo. The channel has become more and more popular. She together with her sister started makeup courses and reviews until one day, she created another Youtube channel specially for Real Techniques brushes. A great brushes will go far. So there is the Real Tech…

360 Bazaar Kuala Lumpur; 2014 Vintage Feastival

Hello pretty awesome! If you're reading this and feel like going, I apologized peeps, cuz it has ended...Just sharing the aftermath though... So hope Monday won't be so blue with this overload as usual:)
First and foremost, thanks to Duriana for inviting me to the hip event. I think I already mentioned what's Duriana in my blogpost once. K fine, mesti da lupa la tuu... Duriana is a phone apps; virtual marketplace FOR second- hands thing a.k.a vintage old things. Est. just recently if I'm not mistaken in view of the need for a more exciting vintage market apps. Basically, it's like Mudah or Lelong concept where you sell your thing online. The best about Duriana is the cool, easy interface. Duriana also requires GPS so that they can automatically locate item sells nearby your home.The price item sells in Duriana are based on seller. Instead of PM seller for every negotiation, Duriana…

STAND FIRM, STAY FIRM Photography Contest

Hello pretty awesome!
Today I would love to share a photo contest happening currently... You know that I love photo taking? so why not enter this contest...moreover, the reason I engaged so much in this contest is because they also wanted us girls to show the power of being a woman. In the olden days, we girls often laid the same path. Grew up, married a decent guy and stay home. There's nothing wrong with that though...I considered housewife as a strong woman indeed. Imagine being the CEO to your own home. The dishes, the clothing, the furniture, the meal and everything is by you. No worker and no one to help out. Let alone that, woman nowadays, also have to go to work to help out the husband.
I myself grew up observing how my mom went through all of this. For 55 years she stand firm and stay firm to raise the family with my dad. Sometimes, she even sacrifice her own desire to fulfill our need. She's truly an inspiration to me. As busy as she was, she kept her beauty regime …