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That Natural Glow, No makeup makeup look pakai Maybelline NY White Superfresh CC Cream dan barang kena curi time pos

Hi! Assalammulaikum! Sape suka guna CC Cream angkat tangan. Dalam blogpost lepas2 I ad share beza the CC and the jgn ingat I main2..the DD pun da out tau...
Tapi taknak cerita pun pasal cream yang banyak2 huruf ni...Nak share about CC Cream by Maybelline NY je..Thanks to Maybelline sebab tak putus2 hantar barang. Yang I sedih sangat ada juga akal manusia yang mencuri barang pos orang. Lagi pelik dahlah curi lipstick je and siap usaha sealkan sampul yang dah kena koyak. Ish apa motif kau pencuri?? Tolong la share pengalaman korang pasal benda ni. I tak boleh digest dalam kepala perkara2 macam ni.
Maybe kau teringin sangat pakai lipstick Loreal ye. Loreal hantar lipstick untuk kempen #wowlorealparis. Last2 memang betul I rase wow dengan sikap manusia berkenaan. Lari tajuk plak..I selalu samekan Loreal and Maybelline cause apparently dorang under company yang same2 kan? Betul tak?? Correct me if I'm wrong.
Back to my main topic, if you pakai BB, you akan perasan kulit you mac…

{REVIEW} Elisha Coy BB Cream showdown

Hello pretty lovely awesome! Raise your hands if your're a huge BB Cream fans? Well, I am. Call me makeup freak, but I often use BB, CC and foundation in one time. Yup, I have quite rough complexion. So, I need all the help I can get. BB Cream stands for Beauty balm, it acts some sort like a tinted moisturizer but with a little bit more coverage whereas CC stands for Color Correcting which acts as a booster, lighten your skin tone and protect it too. However, you'll need foundation also for full coverage. Now, you see why all those BB's, CC's and foundation goes together. Oh ya, even DD is available. But let's not make this entry confusing because today, I'm going to focus on BB Cream by this particular brand.
As you might already know, there's a huge competition between BB's among beauty brand. And one of the best is by ElishaCoy. FYI, COY stands for Creation of Youth. By now, you might figured out that ElishaCoy are a naturalism cosmetic brand deliveri…