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{NUFFNANG} Mamma Mia Musical Experience Live in KL

Well, hello there pretty awesome! How's your weekend? I'm off to weddings in a bit..

Thanks to Nuffnang especially Jack and the crew for choosing me as the contest winner. It was my absolute dream to watch musical theather and not just any, my one and only dream show. Two years ago and even last year I was meant to buy a ticket for myself to see the show. Never had the right moment to do so.
And when I was surveying for the tickets, I'm quite stirred by the price. Honestly, my expectations for the show are quite high up there.
We arrive at KLCC around 2pm and it was held at Plenary Hall which is 3rd floor by the way. The hall is ok for a theather considering it was my first time there. However, I got seats that were far from the stage. I got to say the view wasn't that pretty clear.
Anyway, I think the show is brilliant for family view. It's about a girl that had so many dreams and the ultimate one is to find her dad. The first scene is kind of funny but at times …

Beau Box Giveaway Happening on Cindy's Planet!!

Hello Beauties!! Did they always say sharing is caring?
Today, I'm soo excited to share an amazing Giveaway Happening in Cindy's Planet!!
Met Cindy before and sooo happy for her that she'll be hosting another giveaway because the last fun Sunday outing giveaway was a blast!
And now she'll be giving a Beau Box!! Since knowing another Beauty Box coming to Malaysia, I just had to gt my hands on it! I think this is the first beauty box that include full sized makeup item.  Don't you just feel tempted??
Now, click the link below to enter: Cindy's Planet Beau Box Giveaway
Hurry up! You'll be missing if you're not in ;)

I had a Blind date with Lilac Beauty Box October 2013! Love the Yes! Nurse? Hand Cream review!

Hello & Salam Beauties:) I'm wishing all Selamat Hari Raya, may everyday of our life full with happiness. I felt blessed since being a blogger, as you work hard to write a good post and somehow I felt rewarded for each of my sincere writing... Thanks a lot lot lot for reading, commenting and following or just visiting my blog. It's such a wonderful feelings to know each and everyone that I came to know out of blogging. It 's such a fun ride and I'm wishing to continue blogging till I couldn't type anymore :)..

First of all I'm congratulating JUNE M!! for winning in Hishop Mask Giveaway!!

I just love love surprises! and one of it would be the thrill of receiving and unboxing a beauty box! I have tried Bag of Love, Cosmobox, Modbox and Natta Cosme beauty bag. and Now, it is the turn for my special blind date with

Even their introductions make you excited about having a blind date!

'Oh, did we mention we put only premium products…

A mask G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y by Hishop!!!

Hello beauties! How's your Monday?? Please don't feel like having Monday positive of all your days and all the positive of it will come your way.. Today I'm so  happy to be hosting my first ever giveaway..Hopefully you girls came here to participate and if you win it, do share with me your experience on it because I love to hear feedback from you guys..

Before I get to the giveaway part...I would like to review the fantastic mask that I got and hopefully you'll get to try it as well! Lately I've been face masking every night since I bought mask that day'm not sure it's a good thing but I just love when you have a fresher face in the morning, I do see improvement on my face where it becomes smoother and brighter too...It's something amazing because I used to get a dry dull face in the morning but it changed a lot. So, I really really recommended for you girls to try out masking routin…

Alqvimia Body Scultor Oil ASK & WIN CONTEST WINNER.Yeay!

The Lilac Box and Alqvimia present... The ASK & WIN Contest Idili Lizcano, creator of Alqvimia, says: "We cannot produce superficial beauty, nor can we produce transcendent beauty; we must create a beauty of integral feminine transformation. Beauty is sacred."

So go ahead, and put on your creative caps, imagine yourself face to face with Senor Lizcano:

The generous folks at Alqvimia have decided to pamper 5 very inquisitive ladies with...

1 x Alqvimia Body Sculptor Oil 30ml (worth RM98)

Just give us your details below and fill in the simple slogan - and may the most inquisitive ladies win Hello beautiful, this is just another short post to announced that I've won the contest...Alhamdulillah...I honestly have zero luck in contest winning. Hence, winning something is just such an overwhelming experience. Thanks a lot The Lilac Boxand Alqvimia.Click on the names to know more about both awesome product. By the way, that is the question I honestly would ask if I met the founder…