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My kakak ask me to do a review on
PORE BEAUTY NOSE SKINMISO Which she get from: HiShop FYI : This is a Hishop Brand product :)
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This product retail sells at RM36 - RM96 depending on it's quantity and came with all 3STEPS! Do click to see full on review by Hishop team:

Because my nose has this really stubborn white and blackhead, i agree to do the review. This is the instruction that kakak gave to me,
and this is my own instruction just for u guys,
this is in video form just forr u guysss! hahaha
this is my nose before wearing the SKINMISO, Firstly put on the 1STEP, it is a bit wet and smell like mint so refreshing, in the instruction at the back said if u feel irritating or pain reduce time or just stop apply it, after 10minute remove …