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RM500 for makeup? Seriously?

Good Day!
Eh hi we meet again i guess? but still Thank You for dropping by. (pretending people actually visit my lame blog) So sad. Life have to go on....

For those that love makeup RM500 is actually nothing for makeup. However for me...... i sucks at makeup, like seriously sucks that I never experience my makeup on fleek, it either too dark or too light, just never in between.

As promised on the last post that i will share with you guys on what i spent on the RM500 cash voucher for Parkson from Nescafe Tarik event but before you judge, just remember Im just like any other women that love makeup but dont actually makeup that much. So that's why i bought this, really! because its natural look and actually help in healing my ugly skin. (which actually need more than this, but this is good for now)
Things i bought; oh its only RM471.80 because I gave my friend RM100. I paid for both shizens first for RM389 and i got another RM50 voucher. Now Parkson are giving away voucher if you sp…

Everyday Look i guess.

Hi peeps! Happy wednesday.

So today post will be a simple one, just felt like wanna share to you guyss my everyday kinna look. If you guys followed me on my instagram, you can see that i have this one look, my one and only look.(this is because i really sucks at makeup) but yaa wanna share my makeup routine. I will also list down to you guys the item 
For thise that not yet follw me at instagram, find me at @yanarusli or those that dont have instagram;
Here are my everyday look;

and yes my way of taking photo pon sama. =D

For those that used to full on makeup will be saying im not even wearing any makeup. 1st of all i really hope too. 2nd im not naturally beauty, i need beauty product to help me.
Here are my life-saver

you can see my last post i talked about these 2 product which i am super in love now. c20 help so much in repairing my skin and whitening my skin. and bio oil help in giving me that healthy looking skin whereby i really need it as my skin is very dry lately. i know i kn…

Mascara Maybelline lama tapi baru

Hello! Lama dah tak buat beauty hari nie rasa ada mood nak buat satu. Actually kalau tunjuk mascara ni mesti uolls kenal. Mana taknya, it's Malaysia's No. 1 best- selling mascara.
Tadaaa kenal tak? First time I received the mascara from Maybelline I was like, 'eh, ni kan mascara yang dah lama kat pasaran tu...kenapa Maybelline bagi I review'...krik krikk ...tapi sebenarnya I salah. First of all cap die color lain. Habit I memang simpan barang- barang makeup yang dah abis untuk kenangan especially yang packaging cantik-cantik. I pun jumpa mascara HYPERCURL yang packaging lama and the limited edition one. Hello Kitty punye mesti simpan. Nak compare pun tak boleh sebab dah kering kontang mascara lama I I just tangkap gambar bagi uolls bezakan packaging dia. Sama je kan? except for the cap. Honestly, it's my favorite mascara once upon a time. Tapi biar I cerita kenapa I beralih arah from another mascara (as I recalled) mascara ni agak pricey untuk s…

That Natural Glow, No makeup makeup look pakai Maybelline NY White Superfresh CC Cream dan barang kena curi time pos

Hi! Assalammulaikum! Sape suka guna CC Cream angkat tangan. Dalam blogpost lepas2 I ad share beza the CC and the jgn ingat I main2..the DD pun da out tau...
Tapi taknak cerita pun pasal cream yang banyak2 huruf ni...Nak share about CC Cream by Maybelline NY je..Thanks to Maybelline sebab tak putus2 hantar barang. Yang I sedih sangat ada juga akal manusia yang mencuri barang pos orang. Lagi pelik dahlah curi lipstick je and siap usaha sealkan sampul yang dah kena koyak. Ish apa motif kau pencuri?? Tolong la share pengalaman korang pasal benda ni. I tak boleh digest dalam kepala perkara2 macam ni.
Maybe kau teringin sangat pakai lipstick Loreal ye. Loreal hantar lipstick untuk kempen #wowlorealparis. Last2 memang betul I rase wow dengan sikap manusia berkenaan. Lari tajuk plak..I selalu samekan Loreal and Maybelline cause apparently dorang under company yang same2 kan? Betul tak?? Correct me if I'm wrong.
Back to my main topic, if you pakai BB, you akan perasan kulit you mac…

{REVIEW} Mata bulat macam cat eyes; Maybe it's Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes VERSUS Essence Volume Boost, AVON Aerovolume and Silkygirl Bigeye

Hello pretty awesome! Busy attending wedding I assumed? So let's just cut the crap and don't mind the long title...I'm soo excited to be showing you my latest secret to getting that big dolly cat eyes.
Have you seen the teaser on my IG? Do follow BTW, cause I'll be updating more there. After seeing the teaser..What do you think? Are you anticipating for more exciting stuff? I hope soo...I will be updating more and more beauty secret. For now, let's look at Maybelline New York Volum' Express Mascara The Falsies Big Eyes that has been out recently. I bet you've seen em in the market aight? This water- proof mascara is said to provide 360 degree false lash effect with the innovation of their first dual brush for a captivating eye- opening false lash effect which pushes lashes up and wide with the upper lashes brush and as for the lower lashes mini brush, it grabs and coats every tiny lash. It suppose to make eyes look dramatically bigger, wide open. It also sa…

{UPDATED REVIEW} Maybelline NY White Superfresh: Long Lasting UV Cake Powder

HELLO! Thanks for reading the updated version of this superb cake powder. Have you planned out activities for tomorrow? Well, I wish everything you've planned is going to be great. Anyway...have you shop for makeups? If you haven' bout putting this super duper Maybelline NY White Superfresh Cake Powder to your list? I just realized that my past review are quite brief on the things this cake powder suppose to do..So here's an updated review on why this powder is still my favorite.
So, I've been to the beach lately and able to get myself tan without the desire to be tan. Like usual, I would use this powder cause it's really suits me well especially in not getting my face soo damn oily...recently, I decided to make this into my number 1 makeup to have everywhere you  travel cause it gives me instant brightening effect to my tanned face... Eventually, due to the awesome SPF content, I get less sunburn and kept working on being fair again. I would totally recomme…

Maybelline NY Catwalk 2 Sidewalk Grand Finale Party fun!

Hello beauties!  Few days ago I was thankful to +Amirah 'Izzah Mohd Najib  tagged me to RSVP to this event.  and I got in! Just a brief story on what this is all about, previously Maybelline had held a contest on photo uploading with the most daring makeup using Maybelline newest bestest mascara which is of course the Maybelline Rocket! and the Grand Prize is a trip to NY during fashion week!OMG, how I wish I could go there....Anyway...the last grand finale challenge was of course a catwalk!
How amazing all of this 13 finalists to get through the final! and I'm just excited to attend to give them support:) It was held in Neverland, right at the heart of KL of course.. Did you came as well? It was fun at the entrance that they ask us to leave our mark on the graffiti wall using makeup!. Inside, they offered free drinks and finger food! I was enjoying while waiting for the show to start. Thanks to him for being my driver, bodyguard and photographer and my everything :p
They als…