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Dermedics MESO VITAL Youth Reconstructor?

So remember last week i posted the dermedics mesowhite treatment? So today 9/6/17 mark the 9th day after the treatment! But on the 7/6/17 i did another treatment. This time i did the Mesotherapy Vital treatment. 
Soo here the before treatment,

and im wearing Bauch + Lomb contact lense.
The after treatment is as usual red! If you followed and saw my story on my Instagram you know how red it is. Super red! 
Today is the 3rd day and its not as bad as after the mesowhite, honestly, i felt my skin now is much more smoother and hurm hurm maybe flawless? πŸ˜‚ 
So lets talk about the treatment that i did;
What is actually MESO VITAL Youth Reconstructor?
MESOVITAL is a serum with peptides and liposomes designed for deep regeneration and revitalization of skin to restore its young and healthy appearance.
It help to; • Visibly reduces wrinkles • Increases the production of ATP - the key molecule of cell energy • Supports skin cell detox • Stimulates dermal and epidermal expression of genes • Improves the…

ALTHEA- RAYA Giveaway. Shop till drop!

Since Raya is coming up, how's your Raya preparation doing? Mine was fine until......

 I was planning to have a really simple Raya. No baju raya and no new makeup (coz I already buy plenty before). but since Althea have this really cute Limited Edition Ramadan Box. Suddenly, you know there's always something to buy! 

Besides, Althea have always have the best-est price. The cheapest so far! 
 On top of that Althea are doing Raya Giveaway Festival too, what's more reason you need?

All you have to do is spot the item above that have "FREE GIVEAWAY", add to cart (one item for one customer only eh! and ofcoz while stock last) continue shopping, once you checkout, the item that you pick that have "FREE GIVEAWAY" will discounted off!
Plus, There's no such thing too much makeup/skin care right? Coz, We using it everyday (finding reason to buy more😁). So i must. I have tooo! You guys should too okey? #gengshoptilldrop❤
Here the link for you too;

[Event] Yubo Cosmetics x Beautyra launched

Hi Peeps!

So on 17 May 2017 I had attend the Yubo Cosmetic and Beautyra launched ceremony for the new skincare product. Yubo cosmetics officially introduce 3 new skincare; Hydrofoam Cleanser, Anti- Aging Collagen Serum and ADT Brightening Serum and Beutyra introduce her first HA Face Mist. Yubo Cosmetic skincare product was specially formulated in Korea but was carefully design to suit our skin that took Linda Zain, founder of Yubo cosmetics total of 2 years for research and development of the product.

About Yubo Cosmetics;Yubo Cosmetics vision is to provide safe and effective products to promote women’s and men’s health, life and beauty. Yubo cosmetics is made 100% naturally, derived, toxic
free and eco-friendly natural ingredient. Safety is their priority and it should not be compromised for beauty.

So what special about Yubo Cosmetics new skin care?
1. Yubo Cosmetic Hydrofoam Cleanser is a soft foamy type that clean deep in your skin to leave your skin younger and healthier skin. it i…

scary way to be pretty?

Hi peeps! Happy Wednesday! Hope its not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya Adha.

So today post will be.... Scary way to be pretty? 
Beauty is pain, right? So today topic will be cover on injectios! Are u scare of needle? Or u would do anything for beauty? 

I been eyeing on this injection by the name "mixing white" 
Mixing White Glow (Mixing white Antioxidants for Glowing Skin) contains 1500mg glutathione which Switzerland Innovative new white makes you fairer, more radiant skin which will look healthier and less fuzzy. It wiil help reduce wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines, enhance the body’s immune system and stimulate the body’s reprocess systems. The skin and inhibiting excessive melanin throughout the body.
The more flawless white skin. Along with making it into a shallow wrinkles and tighten skin, reduce acne, reduce dark spots from acne.
1. L-Glutathione 1500 mg.
2. L-Ascorbic 500 mg
3. Niacin 300 mg
4. N-acetylcysteine (NAC) 300 mg
5. High Alpha-Lipoic Aci…

Derma Roller

So as promise, hundreds needles that goes to your skin and face is Derma Roller!

Last month, there's a few girls reported and when viral after trying on skin care. That girl is like really super pretty before using the skin care but after trying the skin care, the effects is really shocking. People that know me knows that i been using this skin care (i dont think it's appropriate to reveal) for years... Whereby it get me scared  because of the girls that report what happen, I decided to stop using it.. After stopping. One by one pimples keep showing up. And the best part is I always make it better by pop it! Yeay me with full of scars after that. 
I been eyeing Derma Roller for sometimes actually. I mean its needle and hundreds of them ofcoz u will need a long and really hard think right? And i really bad at making decisions but that's what blogger and youtuber here for right? To help u or to help people like me to be exact. 
I am a very logical person. I need logic than o…

Easy and safe Skinsoul makeup removal wipes in just a swipe

Pernah x korang merasa bertapa peritnye nk remove makeup time travel especially kalau semua bende lupa bawak? I pernah merasai sakit hatinya nk remove makeup tp pakai air je...dahlah kene tonyoh kuat2 part eyeliner mata...pastu xjugak bersih2...
Sebenarnya ikutkn, part mata tu tempat haram tau untuk tonyoh2...sbb lama2 dia akan buat kulit kita berkedut...I baru tau je fakta ni...dr sekolah dok pakai eyeliner cuci dgn air dan kuasa tonyohan je...patutla tengok mata sendiri sekarang serupa panda bear.
Tapi bila dah tau tak boleh buat camtu I akan sentiasa guna makeup removal nak buang makeup.cuma..time balik keje malam atau travel tu sifat malas plus mengantuk plus lupa melanda diri tu habis semua pantang larang I langgar..kadang2 pakai main tido je dengan makeup seinci tu...nasib baik belum kahwin...nnti apela kate suami kalau nmpk I tido dgn makeup tebal tuh...
Bagi yang mempunyai masalah2 macam I. I nak syorkan try SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes. I pun actually baru nak menge…

Bertemu jodoh dengan Ephyra Skin Bar (mesti baca!)

Hi Assalammualaikum. Dah lama rasanya tak blogging. Maaf lah ye.. Sibuk pakai PC dok design artwork sendiri untuk wedding. I memang cerewet sikit bab design- design ni. Takut upah orang nanti orang menyampah  dok itu ini tak kena. Hihi...Pejam celik pejam celik, tak sangka dah 1 per 3 bulan puasa kita lalui...Ya Allah sekejap sangat. Tak sempat lagi jejak kaki kat mana- mana bazaar Ramadhan. Syoknya kalau dapat tawaf satu round. Tapi takut plak nafsu membeli tu melampau sangat. Nak raya lagi, nak kahwin lagi, semua nafsu syaiton bab shopping.
Harini eksaited nak kabor yang I dah bertemu jodoh skin care iaitu Ephyra Skin bar. Bila orang cakap pasal jodoh tu maksudnya selama- lamanya tau...Sebagai Beauty Blogger, I tak boleh tipu, I dah banyak gila cuba produk- produk skin care. Dan kalau boleh I tak suka la promote2 fake, ckp produk itu ini bagus sedangkan tak bagus manapun... Tapi kali ni I memang ikhlas nak share produk yang bagus. Tapi...baca sampai habis kalau nak tau kenapa I cak…

LivYoung Intense Brightening Facial Mak

hai pretty! 
Ever since i started my practical at SKSA, everyday is a tanning day. Even if i don't want it. 80 days there, 80 days i never wanted a tanning day.  But im not the type that care so much to avoid sun. I never think that a 5 minutes walk from class to teacher room can give me tanned skin. But if everyday 5 minute tanned for 80 days, so..... The last day of school is the worst of it all.  Sports Day. At UPM. Back from Sport day,  my face...... burn baby burn! and the tiredness of school and work load are just obviously shown on my face. 
Lucky, i got livYoung Intense Brightening Facial Mask to the rescue! What is livYoung? Who is livYoung? livYoung is a company that offer from health food to skin care you name it. what is good for you livYoung has it. Dafi is the official JEFI & livYoung's Corporate Ambassador. so do you wan to LiYoung? visit their website to know more maybe? @
okay back to the livYoung Intense Brightening Facial Mask it isenriched…

{REVIEW} Painless hair removal system

Hello pretty awesome! How have you been? Hope everything's is A- ok^-^ Ok ok ok...tell me one we have something in common? As a girl or woman, being hairy is just wrong. We as female are expected to be neat, clean and hairless. I truly hate when it comes to being in pain for beauty. Moreover, the stigma that girls should be squeaky clean and hairless are so general. It should be expected for both gender okay. Not only girls have to suffer for beauty. Guys should be doing the same for girls. Most important, beauty shouldn't be painful. It's about being happy with what you are.
 And hair removing is always a painful process till I found this Sundepil for easy and effective hair removal. What makes Sundepil different from others hair removal is of course, you'll feel painless. Basically, Sundepil hair removal system does not use blade. You know how you'll get small cuts using blade? But not with Sundepil. However, it's as effective as the one with blade