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With Whisper & Yoga, Menstrual days gets better.

Hello pretty awesome!  I’m getting stress with all the chaos happening in life especially when you have to work all the time and leave no room for fun. Now, imagine the most stressful event happening to every girl each once every month. I bet you know what I'm talking about...Yes, it's menstrual day...having no problem with menstrual is such blessings...but as you develop stress, cramps follows you on your menstrual day.  sigh*
Now let’s see what do you have to eat when you’re having your menses?
üFood rich in omega-3 fatty acid like tuna, walnuts, flax seeds üCalcium and magnesium rich foods like Broccoli and fortified cereals üFoods rich in vitamin-C üFresh fruits üWhole grains üGreen tea, peppermint tea üDrink plenty of water
Eat that, done that…but still menstrual pain kept coming back, until Whisper has been kind enough to offer me and my sister to try out Yoga . I was at first, have doubt about this… I mean…lots of movement. Does this not cause worst on my dilemma? But well, I…