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{REVIEW} LASplash Cosmetics: Chubby Twist; Auto Matted Lipstick

Hello pretty awesome! Remember my latest haul?  I'm still drafting on the airbrush post. But, it's going to be out soon!  Today, let me introduce you to LASplash Cosmetics's Chubby Twist; an Auto Matted Lipstick. Honestly, I never heard of LaSplash cosmetics before. Have you heard of it? As I mentioned before, MySale is constantly selling stuff from overseas that are amazingly at great bargain price. As I was browsing through, I find that this set of chubby twist is extremely tempting especially the cost. So, I decided to give it a go. Let's keep the price a secret for a while. After ordering this from MySale through a good friend of mine,this lipstick arrive safely after a month all the way from US via Australia. The set came with 4 shades of chubby twist. Each with similar shape and size. The size are the same as any other lip balm stick. The shade that they include inside are almost alike. As I recalled, there are two sets of this chubby twist available. But all to…