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Cleodora is the hottest "glitz" in town now!

I have enough Jewellery – said no one ever.
No women can have enough. 
Fact about Cleodora; It is founded by Dato Sri Ratu since 2011. Although it have been around quite sometime, it was not known by many due to lack of expose at social media back then. However on 2014, Cleodora create a new concept of flora and fauna that have its own unique, elegant and fancy.   What best about this beautiful Cleodora jewellery, it is affordable and seriously beautiful!   
Jewellery is a part of fashion. Your outfit will not be complete without accessory. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to wear just a simple ring, bracelet or even 1whole accessory. Still accessory is a must for every occasion. For me, I personally love ring! I like it simple yet elegant. Every ring bring its own statement. Big? Small? You imagine it! Cleodora have it.  Celodora don’t offer just ring, every accessory that every girls and women need they have it. From ring, bracelet, ankle wear, necklace to earing. They have it all…

[Event]Official Ingredient Branding Partner - C88 Premier x Swarovski

Good Day!
As promised,  On Wednesday, 25 January 2017, I  have witness the historic Signing Ceremony of Official Ingredient Branding Partner between C88 Premier and Swarovski which was held at Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur.

Fun Facts; Did you know?
HWL Jewellery Trading Sdn Bhd which carry the brand of C88 Premier was founded in year 1985. With a total of 32 years in this industry they have sourcing of raw materials, designing, manufacturing and wholesaling of gold and silver jewelleries. On top of that, they als have a customer base of over 600 jewellery retail shops across Malaysia. So ofcoz they are expert in what they do. right?
C88 Premier’s is strictly emphasize quality control in every single manufacturing process. Moreover C88 Premier's diamond-standard quality stone setting craftsmanship; It is only commonly found in premium jewelleries, especially diamond jewelleries because of the complexity and the long hours of works involved.Each and every prongs (the so-called ‘teeths’ …

[Event] High Tea Workshop!

Good Day!
Hi guys!
I know!!!!!!!! I didn't post since forever already..... 2017 came and i like i wasn't ready, but 2017 have been really nice to me, I been to a short getaway to Cameron, watch plenty of Korean Drama, when to this lovely High Tea Workshop...

It was organise by
Let's get to know a bit about first okey?
Keppo is website that keppo about all kind of food from Halal, Non-Halal and Pork Free! So if going out for food and beverage and just need abit of push and reviews from others, u cant just go to and read all the reviews!
why name K = Knowing, E = Every, P = People, P = Particular, O = Object & MY = Malaysia. It's Indonesian slang, which is comes from Hokkien language (usually used by some communities in Medan, Palembang, and Pekanbaru) and then become a loanword in Singlish (Singaporean-English)
"Kappo" which means "really curious" defines a condition when a person is want to know about everyt…