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{REVIEW} Kokuryu Super Summer Cake a.k.a Bedak Arab

Hello Pretty Awesome!

I know this product has been in the market for quite some time especially in Malaysia. They would call this Bedak Arab or the actual name is Kokuryu Super Summer Cake. I don't even sure why does people call this 'Bedak Arab'  when it's clearly made in Tokyo, Japan. Skipping all the unrelated question. I had a friend that really adore this powder. Hence, out of curiosity, I wanted to try myself. Many rave about this product. So is it really good or just the talk?
Like all summer cake, they would include the sponge. As for this 'bedak arab', the sponge are separated from the casing. The sponge are a bit different than the normal powder sponge. They called it beauty sponge. It is suppose to be wash every single use which is quite troublesome for me. So, I decided to use my own foundation brush.
Yes, as you can see, it's guaranteed Halal, so for those who really takes Halal Cosmetic seriously, this summer cake is perfect for you. And if y…