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{REVIEW} Elisha Coy BB Cream showdown

Hello pretty lovely awesome! Raise your hands if your're a huge BB Cream fans? Well, I am. Call me makeup freak, but I often use BB, CC and foundation in one time. Yup, I have quite rough complexion. So, I need all the help I can get. BB Cream stands for Beauty balm, it acts some sort like a tinted moisturizer but with a little bit more coverage whereas CC stands for Color Correcting which acts as a booster, lighten your skin tone and protect it too. However, you'll need foundation also for full coverage. Now, you see why all those BB's, CC's and foundation goes together. Oh ya, even DD is available. But let's not make this entry confusing because today, I'm going to focus on BB Cream by this particular brand.
As you might already know, there's a huge competition between BB's among beauty brand. And one of the best is by ElishaCoy. FYI, COY stands for Creation of Youth. By now, you might figured out that ElishaCoy are a naturalism cosmetic brand deliveri…

{EVENTS} Bonita bags, Elianto Beauty Supplies and Tiamo shoes Warehouse Sale

Hello pretty awesome girls and few guys! Yeay, it's shopping time again. I just love going to warehouse sale. You'll get the chance to buy with total bargain. Currently I went there because it's quite near to my house. By now, it's 2 more days to go before ending so I just had to share so you'll have time to go too. BTW, SaSa sale also nearby. The place is quite remote actually, but if you're searching with GPS, I think you'll find it. It's near to Jusco Maluri or One Shamelin if you happen to search for the landmark. Let's cut the crap and see what are they offering. Hope you'll enjoy bunch of picture Iwill share. Anyway, of you're familiar with brands from Elianto, Bonita and Tiamo. You know you're expecting girls stuff like bags, shoes and makeup. I bought all the item above for only RM100. I think it's totally a great deal. They have shoes by Tiamo, most of them are flats.
They also have accessories by Bonita and bags. And most …

{REVIEW} Painless hair removal system

Hello pretty awesome! How have you been? Hope everything's is A- ok^-^ Ok ok ok...tell me one we have something in common? As a girl or woman, being hairy is just wrong. We as female are expected to be neat, clean and hairless. I truly hate when it comes to being in pain for beauty. Moreover, the stigma that girls should be squeaky clean and hairless are so general. It should be expected for both gender okay. Not only girls have to suffer for beauty. Guys should be doing the same for girls. Most important, beauty shouldn't be painful. It's about being happy with what you are.
 And hair removing is always a painful process till I found this Sundepil for easy and effective hair removal. What makes Sundepil different from others hair removal is of course, you'll feel painless. Basically, Sundepil hair removal system does not use blade. You know how you'll get small cuts using blade? But not with Sundepil. However, it's as effective as the one with blade